XKE hinge and latch covers for '68 2+2 coupe

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Looking for 2 rear hatch hinge covers and one latch cover.

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Unless you are determined to have original items (which break round the mounting holes incredibly easily) the items you need are easy to find as repros in a range of colours. The usuals stock them as do the trim suppliers which is where I got mine.

Eric, thank you. Welsh Enterprises does not have them. Can you direct me to “The Usuals” or your trim supplier. Thank you for your time. After market is fine. Colors would be great but I have left-over material (interior). -----Bob

I got mine from Aldridge Trimming www.aldridge.co.uk in Wolverhampton. Mine are Biscuit but they had them in various colours. BAS International in Cwmbran, South Wales also do them at GBP40.23 for a set of three in a number of interior colours. Check item 51 here http://www.car-hood.co.uk/e-type-s2-42-22

Hope that helps.

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Eric, thank you so much for the help.----Bob

My hinge and hatch covers are sheet metal, and don’t show any sign of breaking…