XKE OTS S2 Interior Installation

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Hi All,

I am currently working on installing my frends interior on a 71 XKE OTS.

I thought that this would be the easiest task. Well, for those that have done this, you know nothing is easy on these cars! The interior seems to be most difficult! I installed the wheel wells and rockers with the thin foam, then the vinyl. I dont have a sprayer, so used a foam brush. While I took my time and it looked good when I finished, the next day I noticed an uneven “look” to these “signature” areas… Small air pockets and also seems like the foam did not stay level, which made the vinyl “sink” in areas. So, I tore it all back out. This is a redo.

Questions… does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to position the wheel well vinyl and then glue it down? Glue the thin foam down first, then the vinyl, or glue the foam to the vinyl and then glue both pieces down? Does anyone have pictures of them installing the interior? Any tips and tricks that you could share?

My friend purchased the entire interior kit from OSJI, so the pieces look very well made!

Thanks all for your help and comments.

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For the wheel wells, only apply the glue along the perimeter of the area being glued. do the same on the back of the vinyl. Stick one edge or end and then stretch it to fit snugly over the foam and stick it down at the opposite edge. This way the foam and vinyl will be smooth and look great!

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Yes, any larger area ( unless concave) just 2-3" perimeter glue. This allows the material to " naturalize" or “equalize” good luck!, take your time.

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Thanks John and Karl,

That is a great suggestion and will follow. Bob

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Is this just a piece of vinyl glued on before installing the card? Note: not my picture, borrowed from the internet.
Thanks, Bob


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good question and what is the attaching hardware at that location? pics or diagram available?
and also the same for the attachment point above the lower one.

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Thanks Bob! Do you have more interior resto pics? Maybe a website?
Thanks, Bob


I used spray glue to tack the thin foam in place. Then I stretched the vinyl over the area and only glued it down with contact cement outside of the foam. That is I did not put any glue of any kind between the foam and the vinyl. This is also how the factory did it.

As I recall, to keep the foam from bunching up on the arches, I had to tack the foam down in sections. I sprayed a manageable area, placed the foam, then positioned the foam for the next area a tacked it down.

I remember it was a very tedious job!

Richard Liggitt

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So when doing the rockers, dont glue the foam to the outside edge, correct? Maybe glue it 1/4 inch back from the outer edge. Then glue the vinyl to the outer edge 1/4 inch?
Thanks, Bob

(Karl) #11

On the sills, glue the pad down completely. Fit your sill chrome temporarily to measure edge of foam. You do not want foam under chrome. Then glue a 2" perimeter for the sill vinyl. You want the vinyl to overhang sill about 3/8" you will want to fold it under the chrome sill trim.

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Thanks Karl for the tips on installing the rocker vinyl.


I glued the foam down primarily to keep it from moving when I placed the vinyl. I don’t believe I glued the las 1/2 inch or so but it probably doesn’t matter.This is not much of a problem with the sills but the wheel arches can be a real bear to get the vinyl placed correctly and without wrinkles. Since I didn’t do this on a dalily basis like the guys at the factory and thus had to hit it right without their experience, I needed to really think it out as I went along. Like I said the sills were pretty straight forward but the arches took a lot of time.

Richard Liggitt

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Can someone please post a picture or two of the door sill chrome. Looks like I may not have gotten this back from the failed restorer. Thanks, Bob

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If lost they are not too expensive.

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sorry but I dont have a website or any detailed pictures or instructions, my pictures are hit and miss.
best bet is to just post the question about what you are doing and if I have something useful I will reply.

Bob F

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Another source of help is BAS give them a call they are glad to offer suggestions. As they say they want the job to look perfect.