XKE S 2 OTS Install Window Frame in Door

I am re-assembling a car completely dismantled by my PO many years ago.I have installed the window frames on both sides, and the vertical chrome window channel does not meet up well with the windshield posts.

Both pics ( LHS ) show a gap between the windscreen post and the door glass channel.This is much wider than the rubber seal. I wondered if other folks have had such a mismatch. I have previously done a windshield trial fitting and the glass went in just fine.On the RHS there also gaps. I am wondering if the chrome trim will will handle the gaps.

The hockey sticks, if that is what you’re referencing, don’t take up a lot of spacing.

I had to do the final fitting after I had the A pillar and door surround seals installed. That said, mine was a FHC, and I’m not 100% sure exactly how much the FHC resembles the OTS, at the A pillar.

Between the hockey stick and the door cap, that space will be reduced quite a lot. More common is there not being enough space there. Just do a trial fit and you’ll have your answer.

I have an update on this project.I got to musing about the door rebuild ( new outer skin ) that I did 10 years ago.So I removed the window frame and had a “good look” around.I noticed that the door top lip ( to which the window frame is ultimately bolted ) controlled the in out placing of the frame to which it is bolted. So I took out my grinder and removed about 1/8th inch of metal from this lip.

When I replaced the window frame I was able to place it about 3/8th inch closer in, so I now hope the final trim will get a better fit.