XKE S2 OTS Windshield Upper Chrome Trim


I installed the windshield today (with a friend) on a S2 OTS. This was a challenge, but we got it in place.

As we tried to install the top chrome trim with the rubber welding, we ran into a challenge. We gave up after a couple of hours…

Can someone who has done this give me a few suggestions as to how to install the top chrome trim with the rubber welding.

Thank you in advance!!!

This shows that I am trying to use clamps in order to have the rubber remember the bend position, maybe making the trim install less of a challenge.

Not sure what was used originally, but I plan to install mine with glass bedding tape. It comes in different thicknesses and is quite compliant and sticky.

I’m going to be honest and observe that having the wood clamps hanging off the top of the windscreen like that would make me nervous. Just having them hanging out there to be hit, or maybe even the weight. I’m thinking that if you want to train the rubber to shape I would use the edge of some material the same width as the windscreen, and a heat gun, and leave the windscreen out of it until you are ready to install.

I just held both sides of the rubber to the windshield with masking tape. I left it there until I had the chrome piece snugged down in place then trimmed the excess rubber off with a single edged blade. No need for adhesives of any type if the rubber is the correct thickness. I also installed the rubber in 6" strips so there’s no buckling. Can be seen at 5:30ish in this video:

The rubber the usuals sells for this application is awful. As you found out it doesn’t conform to the shape of the glass, or the curvature of the trim. It isn’t ductile at all. It’s basically a thinner version of the same material they sell for mudguard seals.

Something like this is actual glass setting tape. It’s soft, and tacky. when you fold it over the glass it will stick to it and stay put. Some soapy water will allow the trim to slip on without much aggregation and it will stay put. Just lightly trim the excess on both sides with a sharp razor.


Hi Erica,

Have you used this before? Vendor ok to use?


Did you use sealant in addition to the rubber, per the video?

No, nice snug fit. I got the 1/16 setting tape on ebay same as Erica

Yes Bob, in fact I pulled it out of my purchase list. You’ll want to throw a caliper on your glass and trim and make sure that double thickness 1/16" is right for yours. They have other thicknesses if needed.


Do you recall how you installed the trim? Did you start on one side or did you start in the middle?

Either works just as long as you’ve found the center of the trim and of the glass. If you do choose to start in the center though, I’d test the edges first to make sure the glass is at the right height to match up with the post caps. It’s often necessary to raise it a bit. You can actually test this first with just a small piece of rubber at the corner.

Erica, all,

I had the glass setting tape nicely bent across the windshield top. I used soapy water as a lube. Started on one side and worked my way toward the center.

I then had trouble bending the trim to be able to set in the center of the windshield.

As I then removed the trim I noticed that the rubber setting tape was torn/cut at the top of the windshield, basically providing no seal!

Does anyone have any “tricks” to doing this?


Hmm, I gather the edge of the trim nicked the rubber? It still should provide sealing so long as there is rubber on both sides, but ideally you wouldn’t want this to happen.

Is this a new screen, more importantly has this trim set on this glass before? The first screen I tried to fit was badly shaped and the trim didn’t fit well on the top even without rubber so with rubber it was fairly hopeless.

I’d suggest working with a helper who can hold it aligned with the glass as you work it down, and continues applying soapy water as it dries out quickly and gets grabby. You might also want to try working center out in both directions, alternating side to side. Sometimes getting one side fully on leaves the other side poking out quite a bit.

Patience, this isn’t a particularly easy task!

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Getting back to this today, I did install the 1/16 tape rec’d from the same vendor mentioned above. Still too thick. Looks like during the restoration of this XKE, many pieces were rechromed. This pieces was, so my channel is narrower. Will order 1/32" and am hoping this works. Based on my mic, looks like it will. Thanks, Bob