XKE S2 Top Door Pivot Panel

How does this panel a ( P1030805|690x388](upload://qjWIpG7RDn12OC2spdpwSvDIg6E.jpeg) affix to the tub…there is quite a gap behind it I think!

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Pivot Panel

It is screwed down at the top rear edge with a #4 sheet metal screw and cup washer.
I think you want to install the rear center piece first and then this piece overlaps on top of the rear piece. This is the last piece you install after all the vinyl is in on the humps. You want to hand form it for a good fit before drilling the screw hole. On mine I had to heat and peel back the vinyl from the bottom edge, trim the metal and then re-glue for a good fit. The front notch needs to fit under the top of the B pillar.

Hi Bill, That last statement clinched it, and I thank you for all the other detail. My car was dismantled by my PO and there is no local available for viewing. J.