XKR 2000 suspension question

Starting to look into an XKR or K8 and am wondering how many came without the adaptive suspension and if the ones that did can be converted to non adaptive when it comes time to replace the shocks. Looking at buying used at the 50k mileage and figure I’ll be the guy having to replace the shocks. What say you brain trust??

You can replace all 4 Shocks with non CATS Dampers. Then, unplug the CATS Module in the rear of the Trunk (Boot) to prevent a error display.
If you un-plug the Module and there are CATS Dampers still connected, they will revert to the STIFF Mode.

Thanks good to know. I’ve been toying with the idea of an XK8 or R and the idea of being the guy on the hook for a new suspension was worrisome.

I have a 2005 XKR with Brembo brakes and CATS - I’m assuming from what I’ve read here that I have the so-called Super Sports Suspension.

I’ve already bought some adaptive shocks for this year of XK8/R, but the part numbers show they are not for my suspension

I’m assuming they will physically fit, but just be a little softer than the correct ones

Am I right and can safely go ahead with fitting them?

I looked at pricing for the adaptive shocks and it put me in shock. I am happy that my XK8 has the less expensive suspension.