XKs new Series 3 Steering Rack conversion

My Series III steering rack is leaking , and Im considering just replacing rack with upgrade from XKS part 14-4007 to have better feel. I have done a little research here and have seen the posts on replacing springs in pump etc. and SNGs rack which appears to be a Ford.
Just wondering if any one has ordered this kit, and if its the Ford , how’s the fit, quality and steering feel?
A lot of the posts i have found are older and pre the release of this one offered.
I have ordered plenty of parts from them and the other usuals , and with there very limited descriptions, so looking for any feedback from the experience of the forum.

Eric, surprised no one has answered your post.
E rack is front of axle, XJ is rear of axle, so not useable unless you use a RHD one in place of the LHD. Also XJ rack is longer due to larger track.
Have no knowledge of SNG one.

Actually, there is very little difference in the length of the E Type Rack and that of the XJ6 and in fact, the E Type Rack is the longer of the two. In September of this year I organized a LHD XJ6 PAS Rack Unit from the US for a fellow in the UK converting his S2 to RHD.

The problem using an XJ6 unit on an S3 E is that the pinion gear of the E is a straight spur gear and therefore, the Pinion Tower is mounted perpendicular to the long axis of the Rack, whilst the pinion gear of an XJ6 is helical with the Pinion Tower mounted at the helix angle of the gear to the axis of the Rack. Fitting an XJ6 Rack, with its angled mounted Pinion Tower leads to all sorts of interference issues with other components of the S3 E Type, particularly when mounting it as a LHD unit (RHD XJ6 unit).

The original PAS unit for an S2 E Type actually used a Helical Pinion gear, thus having the Pinion Tower mounted at an angle. Accordingly, using an XJ6 PAS unit in an S2 conversion is quite doable.

I can’t answer your question regarding the options from XK’s or SNG but when mine started leaking I rebuilt it myself, had the rack ‘polished’ and replaced the seals. This worked for about a year then after talking with Dick Maury@ Coventry West I ordered one of the replacement racks they had and rebuilt/modified the PS pump so that it wasn’t quite so over boosted. No problems since going on 3-4 years and the feel is much improved.

I still quite figure out why my rebuild didn’t hold, I had read Kirby’s notes on it and tried to be ‘meticulous’ on the reassembly but…

Thanks for the Replies, as far as i can tell the XKS rack kit and the SNG racks are the same.
At least from the pictures the red labels seem identical. With the exception of price 2400 from XKS and 1200 from SNG. Again even w phone calls they were not able to tell me much of anything. I placed and order for the SNG bit it has been on back order for over a month. The other vendor has 2 in stock.
I am waiting to see once I get it how it is. What I am told by both vendors its a bolt in replacement w no mods nesc.
Also a well known Ser 3 expert recc this one.