XKs Unlimited Wilwood Vented Front Brake Kit

(Charles) #1

Does anyone have experience with the above brake upgrade package?
The first project I need to address with my new to me 1968 FHC will be the brakes. Since I would like to do it first class the first time, I found this option, which appears to make sense to me.
Anyone out there have an experience with this kit ?
Thanks in advance for you comments/suggestions.

(Robert Thomas 68 FHC ) #2

The only experience is that I just bought the same kit for my 68 FHC about 3 weeks ago. It’s still in the box it came in, but I suspect it will get started in early spring. I’m in the San Francisco Bay Area.

(Charles) #3

Thanks for the comments Robert. BTW, what is the color of your FHC ?

(Robert Thomas 68 FHC ) #4

(Charles) #5

Beautiful in “arrest me red”.

(Robert Thomas 68 FHC ) #6

Thanks Charles. What color is yours?

(Charles) #7

It’s BRG with a black interior.

(Robert Thomas 68 FHC ) #8


Check your messages I just sent you a private message

(j limongelli) #9

My front wilwoods are great on my 66.
There is more parts than stock, but they work PERFECT.

(Charles) #10

Great to hear.
Thanks so much.