Xkss replica on BAT

There is a replica xkss on BAT, 1957, 800 miles, built by Tempero in NZ, with a good video of Rod Tempero making the car,

Yes, looked at that a couple of days ago. Only thing I didn’t like was the Bugatti-style hammered/machined dash. Wonder what Rod was thinking with that?


According to the ad, the current owner added that dash. Not entirely awful IMO but not remotely stock. The body and sound are fantastic.

Bet Terry knows alllll about it!

I’d have to slather that sucker in 3M film, to drive it down my dirt roads…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Um… do you have one with fewer miles perhaps?


Only in Texas would someone change the color of this car from Opalescent Dark Blue to red. How else are you going to stand out in the rodeo parking lot?



Then you’d pop for the asking price?

Some peoples’ kids.


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If there’s a cigarette butt in the ashtray, deal’s off.

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Current bid price is $111,000.

Are there any cup holders? I prefer my cars with at least 2 cupholders…

You can buy those at Bunnings…:grimacing:

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