XM Satellite radio antenna

On my BMW Z3, I decided to install the XM antenna by laying on the dash up against the glass on the far passenger side and I have zero reception problems and the small 1 1/2 square 1/2 tall antenna is barely visible.

Now on my 69 FHC I’m trying to decide where to put the antenna with a minimum of fuss and as hidden as I can make it for Concours and car shows. Has anyone figured this out?

I tried, under the dash, but being it is steel, didn’t work very well.

I was afraid someone would say that. What have you done instead?

Maybe this will help: My 2016 Jeep Wrangler has a ‘rubber ducky’ antenna for the Sirius/XM radio.

How many Concours points will be lost changing the 30" steel antenna on the cowl to an 18" black rubber whip?

I did some digging. Magnetic mounts are available. Pop it off before showing the car.

The satellite radio add-on to my radio came with a magnetic mount antenna. It is about the size of a small matchbox (for those of you old enough to remember a matchbox). It is about 1.5 x 1.5 inches and maybe 1/2 to 5/8 in tall.

Given that the dealer in 1969 drilled the hole for my antenna on the rear passenger side quarter panel and I just installed a power antenna there, I m thinking of magnetically mounting this antenna on the roof line just above the tail gate door. I may even spray paint it Signal Red to match the car. At a car show, I could leave it there or move it inside the car. I’m not 100% sure because the wire would possibly create a crease in the weatherstripping and allow rain (god forbid) or water when I wash it to get into the car.

Your a lucky man if that’s the only place your car leaks.

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then keep in inside when washing and not driving and just pop on roof when driving .
Also cuz they like to stick hard and sometimes when pulling they slide on the paint and scratch use a small piece of micro cloth with a tag to help you lift it .
I did this for a while, but then found i use the SXM app on my phone via blue tooth or USB .

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