Yakking, was Re: [xj] Lower Ball Joint Removal - REMOVED!

Obviously, the old guy wasn’t a good businessman. Crass consultants
would write:

Materials - 9999.90
Time - 0.10

That way, you can write off the chalk as an expense, show a loss against
other invoices and get a tax break. :]–
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Menlo Park, Calif.

Chuck Renner wrote:


Reminds me of the joke about the old engineer/plant manager/whatever who
retired. One day a piece of critical machinery wasn’t working
correctly, and no one could figure it out. So they called the retiree,
who came in, looked, listened, and marked an ‘X’ on it with a piece of
chalk. “The problem is there.” He tells them that will be $10,000.

They tell him that accounting rules require an itemized invoice, so he
writes out:

1 Chalk Mark - $0.10
Knowing where to put it - $9999.90

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