Yay. AC cold series 1

Just wanted to share an awesome update on my 73 series 1.
I was on the verge of selling it as I couldn’t get an ac solution. Kind of critical here in honolulu.
Thankfully my local classic jag guy installed dryer, compressor, condenser and hoses and wow it works. He MacGyverd the switch.



Good to know…thanks for the update. I’ll need to get mine done at some point. Is the evaporator the original unit? Sounds like the only part that didn’t get changed.

Jeff H.

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Luckily the evaporator was good. Think it’s the original. My mechanic found a 3rd party condenser for like $60. Just to fabricate brackets.

Did you convert to R-134a in the process?

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Yes. Full on 134 conversion. My mechanic found the drivers side fan wasn’t getting power. Once he connected that fan it was fantastic too. Need to figure out how to get it to work on low speed. Currently just wired for fast.

There was some significant over heating issues after the ac was fitted. Specifically sitting in traffic. My chap installed 2 fans at the front and so far seems to have resolved the over heating. Fans were $130 from autozone.

are 4 hose clamps enough on that AC line?
is that the suction or high pressure side?
looks like a GM condenser with integrated drier?
looks to fit pretty well, i plan to use a 2000 Camaro AC condenser on my S1 here soon

Not really, because they’re the wrong type clamps.

tru dat!
he’ll be recharging the ac every few months.
good thing it’s now 134

What are the correct clamps?

That rubber hose on the right came loose so he put more clamps on

I think high pressure side

Something that has no holes so it doesn’t bite into the hose.




Thank you very much. Will get this one sorted :100::pray:

the right clamps are better, but why not have the proper end welded to the hard line so the hose can be properly crimped?

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I have taken several old A/C, transmission fluid, and oil hoses with metal end fittings into local hose repair shops for professional rebuilds. This work is not inexpensive but worth it to me for impossible to find hoses with old rubber that is likely to leak. They reuse the original metal fittings and swage new modern hose material appropriate for the liquid/gas onto the metal fittings. This has worked out quite nicely for me on a few of our Jaguars when I could not find new replacement hoses anywhere.


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I’ll be showing these great replies to my mechanic. Thanks.

Thanks Paul. This is hugely helpful.
Going to print this thread out for my mechanic to read. We have shops here that can crimp
The lines. :100: jaguar community. Gus is. :pray:

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Crimped or clamp replacement all requires disconnecting the hoses - and a system refill…:slight_smile:

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

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Thanks Frank. These replies are really helpful.