Yet another butchered MKV

As I keep saying, MKV’s are the most abused of all the Jaguars! Why can’t the Yanks abuse one of their own cars rather than wreck a lovely English classic? :wink:


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And another!


It’s not just the Yanks, here is one in Queensland.

and one in New South Wales.

Hard to tell anymore but this was a saloon, 621056.
He has welded the rear doors shut and extended the front doors about 8 or 10 inches. Has a fuel injected XJ engine ready to go in.

Oh dear!

You are right, Rob, the abuse is universal! :weary:


I’m just wondering what they did with the original drive train.

Your guess would as accurate as mine, Wayne.:pensive:

You could leave a comment under the YouTube clip and they might get back to you?


I did this to a 1931 LaSalle ccp but the body had been off the chassis sitting in the mud for 20 years and the lower 6-7” were rotted along with all the wood. Really no way to make it a show winner, so I resto-roded it. I hate to see restorable cars get chopped up!