Your all invited to a special E Type party!

(j limongelli) #1

And all other jag lovers as well…
We will be clearing out the entire dealership , food and drinks along with the entire showroom filed with E Types!
All for the new book
Me and My Etype!
If you can make it pm me…
The new book will be on Amazon with all the rest but this get together we will raise money for
General Needs a group that Feeds and clothes homeless vets
Come and enjoy
We are at 285 people and alottttt of E Types

(Paul Wigton) #2

Maybe Ill see if Ive enough frequent flier points…:wink:

(j limongelli) #3

How great would that be!

(j limongelli) #4

Wiggles we are at 300 reserved so far!
A couple of surprises to off sett he E Types a wonderful D Type a wonderful C type
and a very early xj6 manual .
Weare at 65 Jags on the outside lot!
Thanks for all the pm’s please just email.

(Ole Würtz) #5

I’ll pick you up at the airport

(j limongelli) #6

Ole your in?
We are working on something from headquarters……

(Paul Wigton) #7

Thanks… gotta figure where Im gonna live!

(steven davis) #8

Hi Joe,

I’m in. Sounds great! Wonderful cause. Thanks.
Steve Davis - will probably leave the E-type at home.

(j limongelli) #9

Great to hear Steve, Will be at Amelia first and see if Ian Callum is around or Michael Quinn.
I will report back in advance but wont give away all the surprises…
It will be great to see you.
Lets enjoy the ride!

(Lester Waxman) #10

Hi Joe,
Sounds like a nice night out. I’m coming from North Jersey about an hour away. Want any more E Types?


(j limongelli) #11

Lester bring it on…If the weather is no good,JUST COME!
I want all my friends to enjoy.
Lets enjoy each day, last time I saw many of you was at IMPORT CARLISLE or AMELIA.
Its going to be fun.

(j limongelli) #12

We sat down this morning with Huntington Jag.
We can set up at least 7 ETYPES on the dealer floor.
We are expecting a lot of people.
Please pm me as we are coming near.
I think they will be nice as a lead up to the E’s…