Your Longest XJS Trip

So what was your longest XJS trip? I thought of this question because Doug Dwyer suggested to Gregma he should take his cross country….

The farthest I’ve gone was this past winter… 424 miles each way to Niagara Ontario to get some XJ12C parts and some tools. Probably did a hundred or more miles while I was there. So a good 1000 in two days. This was with a ‘92 V12 convertible. It was snowing in upstate NY but traffic was slow enough it didn’t matter.

NYC/NJ more than a few times… thats about 250 each way. One was in an ‘86 XJS Coupe around 1998. Three baseball mad teenagers in an XJS, heading to the Bronx. Poor Todd stuck in the back, sitting sideways. We could have taken another car but I dammit that XJS was going on a road trip. That was the first time I was really truly absolutely drunk. They didn’t card at Yankee stadium back then. Other XJS trips were in a ‘95 4.0.

This July I have to decide if the XJS goes to DC, or the MGF. Tough call.

What was your longest XJS drive?

840 miles. 14 hours one day trip. In and around San Antonio, TX a couple of days visiting family. Then 840 miles back home. Did break it into 2 days coming home. Done around 2005 in my 95 V12 Coupe.

About 700 miles for me, in my '88, 20+ years ago.

At the time I had an XJ6 as well; it was my DD. The XJS was my weekend car and in that era of my life I did a lot of traveling. Knocking off 600 miles in a weekend was common. Great highway car !


Vancouver Island to Montreal, 6.000 Km, 6 days, 22 years ago
Provence to Bretagne and back, 2.000 Km, 10 years ago

But it’s a XJ, does it still count?

Tool kit in boot of course, but was not needed. Trip taken in November 2011 to attend Golf Tournament in Laughlin NV sponsored by Golden Nugget Casino. Played two days near Albuqueque on the way west. Took about 12 day.s total. Side trip to see customers on the way home. Stop in Lajitas was to play Black Jack Crossing course.
From just west of Houston to Albuquerque, NM to Las Vegas, NV to Laughlin, NV, to Los Angeles, CA, to Yuma AZ,
to El Paso TX to Lajitas to Home. Total trip according to map quest 3,778 miles.
Yeah I like to drive my Jaguar. Have done this twice. Most recent trip had replaced the gold plated wheels with 16 in.

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I’m looking forward to hearing from the cannonball run winners of 1979 in their 78 XJ-S!

Past two summers I’ve done done a trip from Portland out to Eastern Washington. 265 Miles each way.



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I bought my XJ-S in October 2011, jumped in and drove it 1500 miles from Oakville Ontario to Sarasota Florida.

Shortly after arriving I was washing the car and noticed a 5 inch long crack in the sidewall of one of the tires - they were the original Pirellis with a date code of November 1990! New tires were purchased immediately.

Drove to Florida and back - 1500 miles each way - for the next 5 winters.

Two years ago I drove to Saint John, New Brunswick and back. 2000 miles round trip.

This car is a wonderful highway cruiser.

I purchased our 1990 XJS convertible for my wife in 1996 in Victoria British Columbia and immediately jumped in it and drove it trouble free to Northwestern Ontario. A ferry ride and a 2800km enjoyable, trouble free ride to a smiling wife. Great times.