Your "trust level" automatic promotions aren't working, are incorrectly stated or are subject to counting errors

I’ve been a member for a year and a half. I’ve exceeded the “stated” criteria for TL2, but I am still TL “less than zero”. I have, however, the hopeful expectation that this can be fixed. Can anyone state the real criteria? Can anyone help? Does anyone know why there is a green banner at the top of the page suggesting that I become a patron?
Tom About-to-be-demoted-further-for-no-valid-reason Pollock

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As far as I can see you are missing replying to at least three different topics. You have replied to two topics.

Can you try and post a reply to any random topic as a test to see if that works.


Edit. You have three topics replied to but for some reason a topic you replied to in the pub is now not seen as a topic replied to in your profile, really strange. Not many users have your exact scenario so we haven’t seen this issue before.

Edit 2, You are at TL1, just below member level.

I’ve also replied in Buy/Sell. The count should be at least four. BTW, I also used to be able to PM. Can’t now. Can’t buy or sell. How does that loss improve the forum? It doesn’t. It was a bad idea.
Tom Cellophane-Mister-Cellophane Pollock

Tom regarding the ‘become a patron’ banner, I have that as well so its not just targeting TL1’s


What you are experiencing has nothing to do with the changes to the pub, lounge, etc. The changes have highlighted a possible problem with your account.


Hi Robin
Yes. I think that everyone that isn’t a patron gets that banner. And, I really don’t mind it. The perhaps-too-subtle hint to the admins was: Why would I want to contribute to an organization that locked me out of forums that I previously contributed too? I wasn’t abusive or impolite. I didn’t break any rules. They just chose to tilt the playing field and exclude me for no valid reason whatsoever. So, I read their silly list of requirements and made sure that I complied with every silly one of them. They still excluded me for no valid reason whatsoever. Turns out their software can’t count. That’s being looked into, which is wise. This will save me a lot of time. I was about to start replying to every topic in every forum starting, say, five years ago, just to build counts. I’m retired. I can do this, certainly, but it wouldn’t improve the forum. Their list of requirements doesn’t improve the forums. Tilting the playing field doesn’t improve the forums. True, most of us view the Pub as an embarrassing wart on an otherwise useful product, and the option of allowing users or members (or whatever they decide to call us next week) to hide it is good, but preventing any person from using the Classifieds is, IMHO, pathologically stupid. It’s the feature that brought me here to begin with, and it pumps money into the pockets of the “elite” class of participants. Why restrict that? Will I ever become a Patron? Not while the playing field is tilted.
Sorry for turning this into what sounds like a rant. I wanted to direct my comments to someone with a logical mind, and I chose you. Perhaps an admin will read it.
Thanks for reading. Cheers!

Sorry, Matt. It has everything to do with changes to the pub. If I hadn’t been excluded from it, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Would we?

Thanks for making the change manually, Matt.


You mentioned that you made a post in the classifieds section, I had a quick scan but I can’t see it, can you let me know when it was done and in which ad so I can track it down. That post should have only just satisfied the criteria of replying to three separate topics. If for some reason it is not there, i.e. you deleted it or someone flagged it then you still have not achieved the criteria of posting to three separate topics.

The only activity on the system for you are the replies to the two topics in here and the one reply in the pub to the Sinclair Dinosaur topic, which doesn’t count anymore as you don’t have access to the pub.

You are right in that if we hadn’t changed the rules we wouldn’t have had this discussion but the criteria to obtain member level are really quite easy. I get the reference to cellophane man now.


I have bought some items from the classifieds. I haven’t deleted any replies. You should be able to find my posts if your records are complete. I have the items that I purchased in my possession, and my records are complete.

“Cellophane, Mister Cellophane” is a line from a tune in the Broadway show “Chicago”. It’s an interesting tune. Check it out.

“which doesn’t count anymore as you don’t have access to the pub” makes absolutely no sense at all. I had access to the pub at the time.

  1. It was a post.
  2. It exists.
  3. Apply logic
  4. Rinse and repeat

Is there a better way that I can explain it to you?

I now ask you the following questions, and I have placed the only possible correct answers in parentheses after each one, to save you time in responding.

Do you really want me to add irrelevant comments to some random topics? (Yes, you do.)
How does that improve the forum? (It doesn’t. It accomplishes exactly nothing.)
How many topics should I attack unnecessarily just to make sure the software counts it correctly? 100? 10,000? (None. Exactly none.)
Should I attack current topics or delve into things long dead dead and buried? (Neither.)
Doesn’t that just clutter up the forums for no valid reason whatsoever? (It certainly does.)
How do I accomplish any of the above without appearing to be rude to the people who are actually contributing something useful to the topic? (You can’t. You’ll probably be labeled an irrelevant clown. The forums have several of these already, but the more the merrier.)

Ah! I have an idea. Check out the next topic.

Tom Shall-we-wait-with-dessert? Pollock

Well Tom you appear to have answered your own questions quite accurately, why not perhaps find a topic which you feel comfortable with and reply in either the positive or negative to another posters reply, your choice which way you go with that.
Once you have done that try to apply for access to the pub and see if that has changed anything.

By the way, posting in the site feed back forum will probably not help your course, all the admins for the site are NOT paid employees, we are all volunteers and looking at posts such as Shall we wait with dessert, is not what we want to spend our time on.