Zeus front 4 piston vented brakes OMG

Over 30 years , many ETypes so I wanted to try this set up…
I have Willwoods on most , had Grand Turismo adapter kits and even kookie 420 set ups
This is different , I wanted a stock outward appearance along with a true bolt on
Results will come later down the build.
But the initial report is wonderful!
On a series 1 I was always uncomfortable of those copper pipes close to the wheels and all the connections
It’s night and day and u like the willwoods there are no extra brackets
One shim and it bolts right in
The shields are gone. And the fit and gaps are perfect
Ps one washer where the splash shield would have been on the front bolt so the thread to me weren’t to close to the rotor!

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Note how Discrete and remember the bleeder and pipe are all on TOP getting all the air out to the highest point

Showing Zeus to standard…is there a comparison?

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Always face caliper brake line up

An E-type should not be overpowered, overbraked or overtyred, but taste is individual

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Your right but in New York and a mom in an Escalade suv on her cell and texting driving up your ask it’s comforting to know
They MIGHT work

Hi Joey, check your upper ball joint boot. Seems to have come loose. Some SS wire wrapped and tied will hold it better than the original spring clip.

I didn’t lock everything down yet until on the ground and engine and all

Then I tweek

But yes

Thank you

I would love to know which rotor you used, the numbers I am seeing would put a series 3 rotor in contact with the upright.

The kit I used for a 1967 series one
Was the Zeus 4 piston with vented rotor kit
Terry’s had them in stock at the time
They are direct bolt ins
No bracket like Will wood
Imho I always like and trusted Will woods and still great but these are cast iron
There is no flex under heavy braking and no otjer brackets
Zeus for the money and package are great plus even with 6 inch wheels they fit and look stock!

Here’s the kit GTjoey used (vented rotors & iron 4-pot calipers for Series 1) - it’s supplied complete with rotors from Zeus: Classic Callipers, Jaguars :: ZEUS VENTED FRONT CALLIPER KIT, E TYPE SERIES 1 & 1.5 - Low Stock -

Like Joey, on my '67 E-Type, I also went with Zeus brakes using non-vented 1/2" Series 2 rotors (separately sourced) in place of the stock 3/8" Series 1 rotors; and retained the splash shields. The kit is shown here: Classic Callipers, Jaguars :: ZEUS FRONT CALLIPER, E TYPE SERIES 1 & 1.5 -

For reference here’s a pic:

@j_limongelli (Joey) ditched the dust shields while it looks like @JagFHC (Gary) kept them. Just curious Joey - did you ditch them because they wouldn’t fit with the vented discs, or was it by your own choice?


Yes Once I went with the vented rotors.
That’s a preference
In my case I wanted the vented plus do they make shields anymore? I’m driving but in ice storms
So if you want trick /Stock go non vented
But I have always opted for vented
That’s just me
I’m very happy and they just bolt right on

What I mean is, the shields didn’t fit with the vented rotors?

BTW, you can still get the shields, for ~ $400

That’s right didn’t fit with the vents