ZF4HP24 fit the older XK6 engine

Hi all,

Will a ZF4HP24 auto trans out of a 4 liter XK40 with the AJ16 engine fit to the older XK6 engine?
Are there any conversion kits available. Thanks in advance

Not without a lot of work, the AJ6 engine is tilted over 15 (?) degrees so you would need to fabricate a sandwich plate also the 4HP24 is the electronic version which uses inputs from various sensors on the engine.
The mechanical version is the 4HP22.

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Thanks Robin, Same question this time for the 4HP22 ?

I think Graham Whitehouse Transmissions in the UK modify 4HP gearboxes to fit the XK 6 and V12. Another company called Motor Legends has been working on fitting the 6HP to the old engines. Both cost, especially the latter.