Zip-tie in low-ish cost under-hood fire suppression system

Over on another car list I noticed a product, new to me, that some people were using to protect their Italian Irreplaceables that might work very well under the hood of our V12’s - and really - maybe any of our irreplaceables — which made it hard to choose a forum in which to post this.

$200 to $400ish?

FireSlayer appears to be a similar competitive product.

It looks like a PEX tube pre-charged with extinguisher agent and installed to the hood around fire prone areas. If a fire starts, and gets the tube in any spot to 240F or 120C, the tube explosively releases the agent blowing out the fire and chokes it with the chemical released inside. Routing would be important given the temps under hood.


No affiliation. Thought I’d pass along the info.

~Paul K

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Probably can’t hurt!

Doesn’t make sense…if you maintain all fuel lines under hood and your ignition system, you should never have a fire.

The bad rep with V12’s and fires is poor maintenance on the above. Jaguars are high maintenance cars, they are not Toyotas.

That’s for sure… there’s no substitute for proper under-hood maintenance.

Even then, if you’ve got say an e-Type or a Carbed V12, and something goes wrong with the floats… or an unseen Cat overheat… maybe an owner that doesn’t recognize the Marielle rotor problem when it occurs… Something like this can save someone from their lack of knowledge.

There’s always a -you never know- element.

~Paul K.

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it could be helpful for fire under the hood, but will not help in case of Marelli distributor problem, leading to cat overheat
(some kind of ignition sensor with a big red light is the way for such)

Great way to add patina

Engine fire in a VW beetle once. Fuel line into carb broke All I had to fight the fire was a pair of cut-off jeans. Losing battle.
Good samaritan showed along with an extinguisher. Thank you thank you thank you.

Carry small fire extinguisher in boot of my jag and on all our cars. Hope if I ever have to use it is on someone else’s car.

Glad the 95 (my model year) did away with the rubber hoses connecting the fuel rail and injectors.

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That Blaze Cut product looks interesting and probably is not a bank breaker for most people keeping a V12 Jaguar on the road.

I have a Blazecut installed in my VW bus. It is a vehicle known to be at risk for engine fires.

The trouble with old VWs is that while the engine is aflame you’re still motoring along marveling at all the friendly people honking and waving as they pass you.

Anyway, seems like cheap insurance that might keep the fire under control until you can get at it with a proper extinguisher.

I was always astonished that Beetles, up to at least the '70 models, used no clamps on the fabric and rubber fuel hoses… they just pushed onto the copper lines.

That, and mounting the coil next to the carburetor, with the dizzy cap inches away from same.

MANY Beetles had burned -spot engine lids…:thinking:

And don’t crash it. Adding garbage for minimum posting length.

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