Zytec XJRS scan tool

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Thought I would move this topic over to this thread too. I was recently cleaning up my garage here in Los Angles and found my Zytec ECU scan tool that I bought from Jaguar/Zytec back in the early 2000’s so that I could work on a couple of my customers XJRS’ at the time. Figured that it’s probably one of the last if not the last still around as it was pretty rare back then and someone out there might be looking for one.

Post it in the classifieds section.

What would you want for it?

I honestly don’t know how much it’s worth, has anyone on here ever seen one or does anyone out there still have one or know a place that still has one? It’s laptop based, I’ll post some pictures of it later. I would honestly love a chance at trying to use it again but I haven’t seen an XJRS in years

I’d ask for $1k. That seems to be roughly what a PDU or an IDS set up seems to go for on eBay (although my setups were WAY WAY WAYYYYYY cheaper). This assumes you still have the software available, and even better, the ancient laptop it runs on. The XJR-S scanner is a much rarer item, but much smaller audience. You can always drop the price if it goes unsold, or if the offers are lame, keep it.

I know a guy here in Arizona that has two jaguar xjrs. He might be interested if you would like me to reach out

Even at that price, it would probably pay for itself with one successful use

Someone will want it if the OP is patient

There is a few previous posts discussing these or similar Jag scan tools, which can be searched out in the archives, I know the XJ220 forum had talk of them or related scanners

@drsolly… just in case!

Any PC with a genuine serial port should be able to run the software. All that is happening is that the software being used addresses the hardware directly as either ser1 or ser2 and that’s not the same as a software mapping of a USB port.
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Do you have pictures of the unit?

Inside I found the interface as well as an old lap top. I found some cd’s with different files on each one as well as the original paperwork and users manual/instructions from jaguarsport/Zytec

can you get hold of me at 920-737-3030 or email me at jsfritschler@gmail.com