Zytek Software can run on Modern PC

drsolly you requested ECU part numbers for XJRS 6.0

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Thank you. Very helpful.

Hi all, with regard the ECU’s they are most certainly different from the XJR-15 and XJ220 models, also there are part number differences between the early and late XJR-S. The good news within the XJR-S models is that these appear to be interchangeable. We put an updated map on an early Zytek unit and fitted to my facelift car. Worked fine… Interestingly, there are also size differences… the later being smaller.

I purchased with my diag kit what is referred to as Development Software, UK dealer Software, XJ220 and XJR-15 software, but to be honest I’ve not used any of it, and wouldn’t know where to start either!



Hi Richard, I sent you a PM if you ever want to sell this to someone who could use it. I have modified the exhaust on my XJR-S and would like to use the Zytek kit to alter the fuel map.

Richard- The ecu’s are different, but fortunately use the same interface box and connector. All you need is the software and you can diagnose any of the 3 TWR cars (XJRS, XJ220 and XJR-15). And if you have the programming software (which was only released to race teams and developers) then you should have 2 connectors in your kit. They look identical, but the diagnostic-only plug has 4 pins so the dealers couldn’t accidentally screw up the ecu, and the programming plug has 5 pins, the 5th allowing modification of the ecu provided you have the development software. To make things even more confusing, some dealer kits were released with 5 pin plugs, but the 5th pin isn’t actually connected to anything, so it can’t modify the ecu. I guess they ran out of 4 pin plugs and just disabled the 5th pin for the dealers. If you have already changed the map then you obviously have the correct hardware and software.

Can you tell me where you got the updated map for your ecu? Was it custom written? I’m looking for the map that was used on XJ220-C cars, but it seems to be unobtanium. Worst case I’ll have some programming genius modify my software when the car is on the dyno sometime in the next few months.


FWIW, “Jaguar engine management 8015 - 2000.pdf” describes the Zytek setup a little bit including:-

“Serial communications
Serial communications between the engine management system and a lap top diagnostic computer are available via the EMS data link connector (PM 4) located in the passenger’s footwell. Serial communication is used for engine setup, fault diagnosis and erasing diagnostic trouble codes.”

It then tells you what the error codes mean.

Sadly, it doesn’t tell you the pinout of the ECU or dongle connector, but that may be in another document somewhere.

kind regards

Hi - did you manage to try your interface on any vehicles? I used to look after XJR-S at JagSport (60 way) and then the Aston DB7 which ran on a new Zytek box (104 way) for the initial (Euro only) release…

Hi - did you ever manage to get access to a Zytek interface? I still have a spare one and access to software, cables, etc.

Hi, I have been reverse engineering my Zytek ECM and have had spent a very long time building my interface and cables which is now delivering results but original components’ would be very welcome, I have pursued them in the past and failed. would you be able to help?

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Hello everyone on this topic. I’ve recently found my old Zytec Ecu scan tool that I bought from jaguar/Zytec back in the early 2000’s so I could work on a few of my customers XJRS’ at the time. It’s been sitting for a long time but I found it recently in its original jaguar leather case. I’ll post pictures later

Hi - are you still in possession of the Zytek kit?