'03 X308 trens fault sometimes with hard shifts, but goes away when warm

My car has 76 K on it with original trans fluid. I did put an aftermarket trans tube and stick on it without losing any fluid, so I assume - by the height of the warm fluid on the stick - that it still has plenty.

As I said the trans fault light comes on when it has sat for a couple of day, but if I let it warm up it shifts fine. The light stays on till I stop and restart. ands then it’s fine. It’ll be fine if I use it the next day, but if I let it sit a fe3w days, I’ll get the fault light with the concomitant hard shifts till it warms.

Any idea what is going on?


Have the transmission serviced,new filter, fluid. Easy job yourself,I’ve just done mine, don’t forget to clean the magnets inside pan.

read the fault code first.

SOmething may need replacing or inspecting while the gearbox sump is off

Thanks for this. I was afraid I’d have to do something like this. It may take me awhile to do this though.

Thanks again.