04 Jaguar X type will not start now

I have a 04 Jaguar x type that will not start now. I have a cord that I do not know where it goes to. I think it may be the reason why the car not starting.

Here is a picture attach below:

P.S. And I change the radiator a couple months ago. Nothing wrong with battery, has gas.

Hi Jay, welcome to the forums, unfortunately the picture has not attached.
Apart from the radiator work what else, if any, work was carried out.
Further what engine is in the car?

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Need more 3D (data, description, details).

Hi Jay. Welcome to Jag Lovers and the X Type forum. I have an 04 gas Wagon.

What kind of fitting is on the end of the cord and have you looked in the engine bay for it’s opposite?

Where does the cord originate?

Does the engine not crank?

Does the engine crank but not fire?

Have you load tested the battery? Batteries can show a full charge but fail under load. A battery load tester can test that. You may be able to borrow or rent one from an auto parts store. All the electronics on modern cars rely on a strong battery and, if the battery is weak, problems can show up.

Is gas getting to the cylinders? Could be something as simple as a plugged fuel filter. If the engine is cranking and there is fuel to the cylinders, check for a spark. No spark may mean the crank position sensor has failed. Could also be that’s the thing that’s unplugged.

You need 4 things for ignition; fuel, air, compression and spark.

The compression and spark need to happen at the right time.

We seem to assume if spark is happy and you have fuel, you are fine, but the timing part is a biggy.

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