'04 XK8 CD changer

Hi folks,

My Dad has handed off his '04 XK8 to me. When I drove the car from FL to NY a year ago, the CD changer was working fine (except for not playing a home burned CD - I’m ok with that). A week ago, I drove it from NY to my home in VA and the changer would not work at all - kept saying “No CD” when there clearly were CDs in the magazine. And I’m certain they were right ways up, too (per both the illustration on the magazine and in the sound system user’s guide). In fact, one of the CDs I had with me was used for the FL-NY trip last year, but now the changer would not recognize it.

I’m thinking there’s a simple fix here somewhere, but I’m at a loss… Maybe just blow some canned air in to clean dust out?


George P.