06 XK8 Warning tone, no light

Occurs as soon as electrics switched on by key, steady tone about 3 sec., sounds like it’s coming from the passenger side back seat. Anybody know about this? Thanks.

My S Type did something like that when the parking aid system was disabled because one of the sensors was faulty.

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Makes sense. I’ll check sensors. Thank you.

After the gentleman above pointed me in the right direction, I determined that the warning tone was in fact advising me that the parking aid system wasn’t working; likely a bad sensor like his car had. For the moment, I’ve just disconnected the speaker for the system, which is under the cover on the back of the console in the XK8; reason the tone seemed to come from the back seat.


If you have a scanner or know someone with one, it will tell you which sensor is faulty. You can sometimes tell just by listening closely. They make a very high pitch soft ticking noise. Some people can’t hear but most children can!


If you cannot hear the sensor, you can place a fingertip on the sensor face (do not press hard) and gently move you finger around in a circle or back and forth to ‘feel’ the pulses.

I found that if you don’t move your finger it is more difficult to feel the pulses.

This does not work if the sensor is good but has too much paint on it or some other similar fault.

Thank you for the tip regarding ‘digital’ sensor testing!