07 XK - Electrical Issue (gauges resetting)

Hello - I have changed my battery a couple times in the last 12 months which is strange to begin with. Today, I had to switch it out again and it’s been doing something funny while driving. The car doesn’t turn off, but it seems to reset while being idle. I captured the video below. Only error showing up after is cruise not available.Advice? Ideas on what this is? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


I think you need to be on the “modern” XK Forum, this one is for the early XKs (120, 140,and 150).

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If the title is correct, this is still the wrong forum for the question. It’s a 2007 XK, so not an XK8. Should be X150 I think.

Thanks missed that cut off now moved to the ‘correct’ forum I hope.

I have no direct experience with your issue, but I’m thinking you may have either a bad instrument cluster or control module. The fact that you’ve replaced the battery several times in the past year makes me think you have a short circuit somewhere. A short in either of those components could cause the issue you’re dealing with. Do you know if the instrument cluster is controlled by the body control module on your car?

Thank you for the response. I do not know if that is controlled by it or not. That is a good starting place for me, though.

First you could try to do what is called a Hard Reset… Fully disconnect BOTH battery cables and being very careful to avoid the battery at all costs, touch the CABLES together for several seconds. This will clear all the volatile memory from the modules. It will also clear the emission self-tests though, so don’t do it right before any inspections.
ALSO, ensure your battery is fully charged. That’s usually the first thing to check when any electrical gremlins show up. It has to be at 12.6 volts or slightly higher after sitting locked and alone for several hours.

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Still showing up as being under the XK150 thread.

Its a 2007 which is what the X150 covers

Thanks Gary - I’ll do this tomorrow and see.

I see my misreading error.

When I read/saw “X150”, my mind automatically plugged in a “K”, as in XK150.

I think the issue is a poor connection, either +12v, or Gnd somewhere between the battery and dashboard.
It could be a Gnd issue, but could even be the Ign switch, or body control module.

The fact it happens when the engine is idling leads me to think it could be a Gnd point that isn’t tight and vibrates as a result of engine vibration.

Why have you needed to change the battery?