1.1 million mile xjs?

Did anyone see this guy on youtube?

He says jaguar service told him the odo flipped around…

Around minute 11, he claims the car has the original AJ6 engine and it is on the 4th GM transmission (4L80e).
He got at least that part wrong. It should be a ZF box (the story about the GM tranny and the exceptional dealer service sounds off).

If he has the AJ6 motor he’s good fo another million!
AJ8 would have blown up 900,000 miles ago Bahaaaaaa

And here I thought my 200k AJ16 XJS was impressive :frowning: got a lot of driving to do….

It’s a shame that guys video is just on watchable trash. Not worth even attempting to watch, despite the excellent topic.

He flips cars, what do you expect?
So what, it’s a fake for the sake of clicks? Or it could be true, that aj6 went a million and change?
I mean, if it was someone’s daily driver, it just might happen. It just might.
If it was a w123 I wouldn’t even blink, but aj6…hmm…

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On the W 123, boy do I big time agree.

Well there’s probably a lot more experienced 1994 XJ-S experts on this forum than me that would probably recognize subtle differences of a Canadian spec. XJ-S, but the first thing I would offer is if he is saying the odometer rolled over at 96000 miles + 1,000,000 miles, the first thing he should note is a Canadian spec car has km’s on the odometer.
According to my math X .62 he only has approximately 679 K km’s on the car. Never saw the car being driven so I couldn’t see the daytime driving lights!
As my daughter would say “just seyin “.

No he’s got mph in large on the speedo so it’s standard jag miley speedo

Correction, I did my math in reverse. But I would suggest then it’s not a Canadian spec car. I drive 1988 with KM’s on the speedo. He said he pulled all the service records shouldn’t be hard to trace it’s original history unless it was bought in the US and dragged back to Montreal.

terrible video…gtjoey1314

Brings up an interesting question - do they have a service similar to Carfax in Canada? :confused: If so, would be easy to verify the claim with them, based on mileage recorded at the annual inspections of the vehicle … :thinking: btw, I posted a lengthy comment on the video …

Aww bless, he left you a heart…
So clickbait indeed.