120 distributor vacuum

Good morning all. Or good evening to those applicable. Would anyone know where I might source the vacuum advance for the 120 distributor
DVX6 A GC48 . It is the one that bolts on to the distributor body. Would like to keep it original if possible. Any help greatly appreciated.
120 671553c

I bought two last year from XKs Unlimited.
Be aware that the studs on the repro are UNF thread, not BSF as the original, so do not try to use the old original nuts.

As has been suggested, plenty of repros about. Assuming you have 8:1 compression ratio my list says that the part number of your distributor is 40199E and you need Lucas part number 419066 Vacuum Control Unit. If you Google this you will find many suppliers including those who will rebuild your original. In the UK I would look for NOS or send mine to Distributor Doctor for a rebuild.

Shropshire, UK

Hi Rob, thanks for the info. Is the threaded rod that goes into the micrometer adjust the proper nsf thread?

sources include xks (XKs Unlimited): …also Britishvacuumunit in New Hampshire…Rob there can custom set the vacuum advance to your engine specs…can also rebuild Lucas distributors including mechanical advance…both of which may be a bit diff now than in the old past due to current fuel (octane/additives/), current spark plugs etc that can make a difference of what is optimal. Same outside appearance. Note there were many vac units, and many distributor mech adv changes thru XK production (thus the different numbers in vac units and distributors, and changes in factory recommended spark plus and timing ) let alone what may have been changed by mechanics and P/O over the many years. Nick

There was no problem with the threaded end that fits into the micrometer, so I suppose it must have been BSF thread, but I didn’t actually check it.