150fhc door seals

Hi All…just getting to grips with my new purchase…the rear edge or the window chrome channel on the door has a thin rubber seal in it( to mate to leading edge of quarterlight)…the channel in the chrome continues over the top of the window and down the front…should this also have the same seal…any one found a good drawing detailing all the seals for the car…i have the parts manual for part numbers but it dosnt give locations that i can fully understand…Thanks…Steve

I have a roadster so no help.
Suggest you scan through pictures on XK Data of FHC.


Assuming you’re referring to a FHC and assuming the XK 140 is identical to the XK 150 in this respect, the rubber seal in the vertical channel is only used to cover the quarter light. The other parts of this chrome window frame are sealed against the rubber on the inside of the roof gutter and the A post.

Bob K.



Have you checked the usual suppliers (S.N.G. Barratt, Moss/XKs Unlimited, Coventry Auto Components, etc.) websites? I have the physical catalogues for these suppliers and they show views of most body rubber seal locations for each model and wonder if their websites would not show the same thing?


Thanks for the replies all…yes i have searched the usuals and it wasnt really clear…whats confuseing is the chrome over the top of the door window has the same recess as the edge that mates to the quarterlight that has the rubber seal…it look like a seal should fit right over the top of the window frame…however i now know it dosent…thanks again…Steve

The door frame that accepts the rubber seal that you are asking about has a groove on the vertical face that accepts a ‘T’ shaped rubber seal. There is no groove across the top of the door frame it sits against a rubber attached to the car which is held in place with Furflex.

Hi Ledo…i should have posted a photo showing the recess along the top of the window frame…i know now howhever that it dosnt have a seal…Steve

Steve, when you remove the remains of the seal on the window frame you will see where the"T" junction seal fits in the recess. The seal slides down the recess so it is easy to fit.

Hi Ledo…yes thanks…i already have the seal fitted…cheers…Steve