'18 F-Pace 20d r-Sport BRG/Oyster

(Mebucko) #1

I’ll be picking up my newest addition next Wednesday… Super excited! BRG with Oyster/ Lime stitch/ gloss blk wheels… 20170816_183352|666x500

(Gunnar Helliesen) #2


What do you think of it, now that you’ve had it for four months or so?


(Mebucko) #3

Hello Gunnar, I absolutely love my F-Pace. Initially, I had some connection issues with the Incontrol Touch Pro system but those have been sorted out with the latest update and some proper setup. My 20D is perfect for me. Fuel mileage is in the hight 30’s consistantly and it has plenty of power when I need it. Interior is beautiful and roomy and the exterior fit and finish is as expected for a 64K SUV. Fun to drive here in the country mountains and it feels like it keeps me safe too. I have recently towed a small trailer containing a garden tractor and it did with ease.

(Justin) #4

Happy to hear some positive remarks. Looking into purchasing one of these in the near future myself, anyone have any advice or recommendations?

(Mebucko) #5

I’m also a member of the F-Pace forum. Many have used a pre delivery checklist letter when they purchase / receive their F-Pace. It’s proven helpful in avoiding future frustration and visits to the dealer issues. Here is a link to that letter.

P.S. Enjoy the pic;

(Gunnar Helliesen) #6

Interesting, I hadn’t seen that one before.


(Justin) #7

Very nice. Really like the BRG. Thanks for the info.

(PeterCrespin) #8

I just had a 2.0D for a week. All the car you need, if not all you might want (5L V8 or whatever). The satnav seemed clunky to set up, even with the handbook as a guide, but as a car, very nice. Test will be in March-April issue of Jaguar Journal, out in mid Feb. Remember sizeable discount on top of whatever deal you do with the dealer (around $1500? Check website) for JCNA members of a least 6 months standing.

(PeterCrespin) #9