1936 1.5 mkiv jack

(Kevin Thorpe) #1

Hi all i am on the lookout for a jack and S type handle for my 1937 ss 1.5 jaguar. Hope someone has a surplus to their requirements out there.
Regards Kevin.

(Roger Payne) #2


Do you know what you are looking for…
SS Cars introduced the STEVENSON style Jack with the introduction of the SS-Jaguar model for 1936MY cars, and was shared with all models regardless of engine size or body - but the detail did evolve a little over the 1936MY to 1940MY period. But there are distinct variations with post war Jacks.

See attached picture from SS Jaguar Handbook - it is an accurate illustration of 1936-37MY cars as far as detail visible in photo shows …

(Kevin Thorpe) #3

Hi Rodger
Funnily enough a guy from the Netherlands has come back to me this morning with pictures of the jack which is the same as the picture you have sent me. So i have purchased the jack from him. I am still on the lookout for a manette for that era but its like hens teeth.

(Ed Nantes) #4

I have new horn button and bakelite base for the 1936/7 manette and new lost wax castknobs . But not some of the bits and you would need the tube and plate that pivots on it, Bit might be useful if you come across a damagedone

(Kevin Thorpe) #5

Hi Ed .
My brother In-law Walter Vorlaufer at Vorlaufer cars South Africa says he has the button and base and two of the levers he is going to have a scrounge around.If he does not come up with any ill give you holler, He mentioned that i could possibly use the 2.5 0r 3.5 tubes which he does not have, but may have to shorten them what are your thoughts.He does manufacture tools as well but says his stocks are very low at the moment. This is one of the reasons why i am trying to get all the parts together before i start restoration.T…hanks for your support

(Ed Nantes) #6

Yes the 6 cylinder tues would shorten easily. Although they aren’t that easy to find. Mk VII has at least the same size outer tube and longer , and easier to find

Let us know how you go.