1940 SS Exhaust system

(Graham Jordan) #1

I’m getting to a point with my restoration I could possibly begin to consider an exhaust system.
Are there any manufactures of silencers that could be recommended for my 40 SS?
Regards, Graham.

(Rob Reilly) #2

I took measurements of what was left of mine on the '38. I was surprised that while the down pipes were 2" Outside Diameter, the front muffler inlet was 1-7/8" OD, outlet 1-3/4" OD. The rear muffler was 1-3/4" OD inlet and outlet. Connector pipes and tail pipes were 1-5/8" OD. All wall thicknesses about 1/16" so all IDs 1/8" less than ODs.
In other words a narrowing system, not straight through sizing.
What do you folks think of that?
BTW the Walker #17881 muffler is the closest on size I have found so far.

(Peter Scott) #3

I bought my stainless system back in 1993 and it has been no trouble in spite of me ripping part of it off on a drop down bollard. P.D. Gough were the supplier and they had the drawings for it. https://www.pdgough.com/


(Ed Nantes) #4

Originally the ends of the pipes, on MK IVs at least, were a flattened oval

Graham , In Aust there is a lace in Q land that will make mufflers. I had them make one for the new car. I ordered them through a local muffler performance place. In the old days Lukey made quite suitable ones
The other important issue is to use the old mild steel flex and braze [ not weld ] it on!
The attached pic shows them but you may need to enlarge it to see clearly.Jag%20concours%202012%20019|375x500

(Ron Laurie) #5

In 2011 I bought a stainless exhaust system for a 38 DHC from Quicksilver Exhaust in the UK and it was beautiful - cost was 1.125 pounds plus 100 pounds shipping to the UA.


(Peter Scott) #6

Well Ron, I wouldn’t say my P.D. Gough system looks beautiful after 25 years under my car but it has exactly the same structure and clamping as your drawing. (With bright oval tail pipes as per Ed’s description.)



I would second Peter’s recommendation of PD Gough. I got my m/s downpipes from Brother Nantes, NOS silencers from Allan Crouch and Gough made the original shape tailpipes in mild steel. They wanted just over £1K for a compete stainless system.


(Graham Jordan) #8


I have sent requests to both companies mentioned for price and availability.

Regards Graham

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(Graham Jordan) #9

Hi Peter.
I have been in contact with PD GOUGH.
The system they have available is marketed as being for a SS100.
Would this be the same as the system you purchased in 1993?
Is it possible the '39 SS100 and saloon systems are the same??
I have just sent them the photos you posted to compare.
Regards, Graham.

(Ed Nantes) #10

SS 100 and SS saloon are hardly likely to be the same
The saloon has a longer wheelbase annd the chassis where the engine pipes are is much narrower
WE did an article in te CJA mag with a pic of the two engine pipes side by side showing the difference.
My experiance is that getting the pipes sand bent locally in mild steel is afar better option. The Mk IV DHC we are doing now came with a UK stainless system which is, hmmm… but with stainless you can’t warm it and tweak the pipes to exactly where yu want them. And realistically the engine pipes in Australia won’t corrode till next century. And a heavier gauge material so less resonance.
Here’s the pipes as supplied by the local sand bender

(Peter Scott) #11

Hi Graham,

As Ed says the wheelbase of the 100 is shorter. I think you should send them Ron Laurie’s picture. I think this drawing originated with PD Gough.

Kind regards,


(Graham Jordan) #12

For convenience I proceeded and have a system on it’s way from PD Gough.
Guess we’ll find out if it fits or not.
If not I’m hoping (praying) it will be relatively straight forward to adapt.
I’ll let you know.

(Graham Jordan) #13

I can confirm the system for the SS 100 is NOT what you want for a saloon. My bad.
There was some initial confusion with P D Gough’s as to what model SS Jaguar I had.
In the end the SS100 system was returned and Richard at P D Gough’s sent me a system described as for a “38-47 Jaguar Mark IV”. I have to say it is a beautifully made exhaust. The rear sections fitted perfectly and were installed within the hour. Am awaiting the engine to then fit the front pipes which I believe have an allowance to be custom fitted. Nice job P D Gough : )
Regards, Graham.