1948 Jaguar MKIV LHD with steel wheels

No hers something to ponder< my friend in the UK has a MKIV 1948 Jag with factory fitted steel wheels, has anybody else heard of this, his painter made some discs to cover the steel wheels with the period Jaguar logo which I think looks good
Car is for sale and is fully restored in the UK
Comments ??

Attractive car in many ways. Looking specifically at the wheels, I do not recall ever seeing such wheels before. In the shiny black pictures, the tires appear slightly small for the openings, but the body height above ground does not look like springs are too strong and causing too high a body. The photos without the covers reveal a wheel design I would like to know more about. Looks like 5 lugs front and rear.

Did the factory experiment with steel wheels on some 1948s? Or are these a later addition by someone seeking to get away from wire wheels?

But I don’t get the sense the tires are slightly small when looking at the selling offer photos at 1948 Jaguar Mark IV LHD

The hub looks to me like it was once splined and threaded for a knock-off spinner, but now has a tube and round cap welded on to it. I wonder how you would remove the center nut?
The wheel rim is reversed, as if it came from a dual wheel truck (lorry).
It appears to use the brake drum attachment studs.

The reversed wheel trick was popular in the '50s and '60s with hot-rodders to increase the track width.

Did anyone get the chassis number? It would be 630xxx.
Engine number would be SLxxxx and from the pix you can see why they needed the remote oil filter.

As to a factory experiment, I am inclined to believe not, as there are photos of the Lyons experimental Mark I-IV mockups with wire wheels before he got to Mark V.

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It might be my imagination but they don’t look like 18".


No such thing, it’s just a modification made by a previous owner as Rob has suggested. Better to try and refit 18” wire wheels with splined hubs and move on.


Come on, Lyon’s wouldn’t have bothered doing such a thing for one car. It’s a modification made by an owner.

Let’s move on, please.