1948 Mark IV toolkit

Wanted - oil can for toolkit.

Welcome Adam.
I bought one of these from an ebay seller Cordell Newby located in Washington state USA, long time seller of parts for the pushrod cars, who operates as oldgoat509 on ebay.

Thanks Rob. I have contacted Mr. Newby regarding this. Unfortunately he was not able to help.

SNG Barretts carry the body new. You might be able to find the nozzle second hand or have it made?



Thanks Tim!
I was able to order the oil can body from SNG Barratt.


We were talking somewhere about Starting Handles, but I cannot locate where, albeit this is a more appropriate HEADING for my following comments…

I am well advanced in writing up an extremely detailed paper on original Mark IV tool kits that is to be published locally, and indeed have just finished my first draft, including a section on 1406 and 1470 Starting Handles as used on all 2-1/2 & 3-1/2-litre, and 1-1/2-litre Mark IVs respectively (yes, it suits to refer to these 1945-49 saloons/dhc as Mark IV).

But the issue that was being discussed was the original finish of the starting handle - in particular the swivel-grip.
After closely examining several known original/unrestored and dateable car Mark IV starting handles, including a number still in near new condition. My conclusion is that the entire starting handle is assembled before painting (pinning on starting dog and support bush and pressing on swivel-grip over end of handle-bar), then the complete assembly is then sprayed all over in black enamel, including over the top of the swivel grip. The swivel-grip is a natural very bright/smooth steel thin wall tube, with the exposed end semi-turned over/closed and a circumferential groove swaged into the mid point, thus when pressed over the handle bar it clips/engages over a groove cut into the bar, retaining the swivel grip in place but allowing it to rotate. The swivel-grip is NOT plated, either Dull Nickel nor Dull Chrome (nor anything else), but is simply painted over black. The black paint has poor adhesion on the bright-steel grip, so is easily scraped/flaked/worn off revealing initially the bright-steel of the grip underneath, that with further exposure dulls and can eventually rust - its not stainless steel. But the nature and brightness of the natural steel can on a quick glance look to be nickel/chrome plated - ITS NOT. See below photo of a particulary excellent original starting handle grip from an Oct 1947 Mark IV, which is a perfect example of original black paint scarping/flaking off revealing the natural bright-steel of the grip underneath. Not hard to think in a photo or even in the flesh short of a very close examination that it is plated……

Now to put this into perspective, later Mark V C2655 Starting Handles do most definitely have a Dull Chromium plated swivel grip that is not painted over in black.
And pre-war SS-Jaguar 1406 and 1470 Starting Handles are also fitted with a Dull Nickel (I think) plated swivel-grip, albeit I have yet to see/confirm any excellent original/unrestored examples to comment about extent of black paint, but I doubt would have been over the Nickel plating.
(And I also note, at this stage no guarantees for the full 1936 to 1940MY Starting Handles, given the earlier ones have a different style of swivel grip, as well as other variations to the later ones.

Would love to hear any views agreeing or disagreeing, but please based on solid evidence of known origin original and unrestored Starting Handles, especially if 1945 or 1946 dated where my evidence is minimal relative to strong evidence for 1947 and 1948 Mark IVs.

Hi, i have just purchased a 1947 Mk IV and i’m in Brisbane Australia.
i have no tools and was wondering, is there a complete list of what should be there?
has anyone ever found similar ones that would take their place until original ones can be found, (if ever) would appreciate any help regards Peter

I’ve just received a copy of Roger Payne’s new booklet on Mark IV tool kits. 38 pages of superb detail and information. He includes quite a few references to changes from pre war SS tools and comparisons to later XK tools. As usual, great work from Roger. He had listed Ordering info a month ago here on Jag lovers. Dave

Hi Peter,
Congratulations on your purchase. I would suggest contacting Roger Payne. He has just published a very detailed book that is specific to the tools for our MKIV’s…
I am very fortunate to also have an original MKIV. I was missing two tools and one was incorrect for my build date. Roger and I spent the better part of 6 months correcting this and now all is good. He will want the information off of the engine plate. Chassis number, engine number and body number. What you will find is depending on when your car was built there were variations in the tools that were supplied. …
I will forward Roger’s contact information to you.

Good luck!


Hi Adam, thanks for the reply and greeting. I will certainly try and contact Roger.
I’m not so stressed on originality, i just love the car and will use it weekly, so concourse will never be an issue, but it would be nice to fill the holes with tools, that are as close as possible to the real thing.
it’s amazing how English cars had so many variations, never ceases to amaze me.
The guy i bought the car off, has forgotten what most of the dash knobs etc are, do you know if there’s a local car in Brisbane?

Hello Peter,
I am in Detroit Michigan USA. Therefore, I am not at all familiar with any of your local owners. However, I am sure Roger will know and be the perfect resource for you…
I know of a fella here in the States that supplies tools and would be able to help you fill the holes but Roger probably knows of someone in AU that is capable of this as well. Some of the tools are not that difficult to find/purchase and others are most challenging. If after talking with Roger you need help from this side I will put you in touch with Tom.



Hi Peter, congratulations on your purchase. These are truly wonderful cars. I’m in Brisbane and have a MK IV that is in regular use and would be very happy to show you the functions of the various knobs on the dash. Please message me and we can work out a time to meet.

I have sorted Peter out re Mark IV Tool Kits INFORMATION, albeit he may end up with a few WANTS.
And indeed being from Brisbane, have pointed him in the direction of joining the CLASSIC JAGUAR ENTHUSIASTS’ CLUB - Qld, who really cater well for SS-Jaguar, Mark IV, Mark V, XK and Mark 7-8-9 owners (As in Classic Jaguars WITH a CHASSIS).

(not from Queensland)

G’day Adam,

thank you so much for responding to my question, i picked the car up last Saturday so very excited.
i have been in contact with Roger, so fingers crossed