1948 MKIV 3.5 Fuel Pump Mounts

Hello friends,

In my restoration of the MKIV I have discovered more missing parts - sigh!

I’m wondering if anyone has a pair of the fuel pump mounts (Gust has them as you can see in the photo) they’d be willing to part with or might be able to suggest a source?



Here’s a close-up shot.

If nothing better turns up, perhaps MGTC might be close enough.

Thanks Rob.

Most things have turned up eventually if I’m patient. :innocent:

The two on Gust’s 1948 3.5 look different to single on your car?


You mean the formed gusset in the center? Yes, his might be an improved version, a little stronger, less vibration.

Thank you for that clarification, Rob. :blush:

I was wondering if the gusset would be pressed in before bending the bracket at 90 deg or after? These sorts of engineering features I find interesting as it’s nice to see how people resolved issues.


My guess is it was formed all in one shot.
Early in my career I worked for a furniture manufacturer, which had a whole building full of punch presses. I wish I had paid more attention to them then.

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