1950 MKV 3 1/2 Litre Saloon from Australia


I saw this one over 10 years ago for sale at Stoneleigh, but could not get the right vin / chassis number as the given 69299 is wrong. It is probably something like 623299?

The Australian labels on the windscreen show some Victoria, AUS, information and also “18 Sep 2003 Received Mildura”. Any more info?

Anyone know this car? It was UK registered “390 XUB” back in 2013.


I have checked my Australian new, Mark V data base, and of the 3-1/2 litre RHD (of course) Saloons there are three possibilities - 622299, 623299 (dom 12 April 1950) and 624299 of which 623299 was sold new in Victoria (Melbourne) so more likely, albeit no guarantees being in Mildura (also in Victoria). 622299 and 624299 were both sold new in NSW (Sydney), so less likely, but not impossible crossing the border into Victoria (Mildura).

Checking my more recent Victorian Registration Data Base, 623299 was listed, engine number T9113 and Number Plates [Vic] RT-420 so still the then original 1950 plates…

So no guarantees without additional detail, but given Australia new, and Victorian history, odds on this car is 623299…

Hi Roger,

Thank you, yes, I would bet my money also on 623299 as that would best fit the description and also I was thinking that an unclear original stamping of 2 and 3 close to eachother could look like a 9 to some uneducated eyes, yes? 23

Maybe the Victoria registration “SLX578” of ca 2003 would produce some hit some day, no? Or the UK registration “390 XUB” from 2010-2013.

Over here anyone can do a vin or reg search on the local DMV for free, it will not give information about the owner, but will show when the latest MOT was done, what the result was and if there are any unpaid road taxes and also when the car was 1st registered etc.