1951 Jaguar XK120 FHC - Barn Find

Cool Project on Barn Finds

Barn Find Jag

That’s the one in Colorado that was missing the keys.

New keys on the way

Did we ever get the chassis number?

It was 679176. Just 11 cars ahead of mine.
I see the seller has taken down the ad on Craig’s List, so maybe it has gone to someone who will rescue it.

Still for sale, was going to take a break and see if I can get motor to turn by hand, needed a little help. Will keep everyone posted

Use a 1-5/16" open or box wrench.
Or put it in 4th gear and tow it.

carefully using a LARGE crowbar (the screwdriver looking kind) in the flywheel inspection window netted me the best result getting the motor to begin to budge. You can really get some leverage, OR get the leverage, then set it in place with a tie down or something and let it set for a couple days to go through some hot cold cycles. Use something to protest the inspection window or it will give.

We jacked the car up, pulled the plugs, put trans in 4th, and turned the drive shaft, was not even stuck.

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