1952 xk120 eagle kit

This doesn’t look too bad

For sure. I could live with it. The GM seats have bolsters. As I recall the original Jaguar 'seats" were just about flat

When my school chum came back from army service in Germany, he bought a used 120/. Circa 1957. Not all that expensive as used cars!!! His wife had issues getting it started and destroyed the teeth on the flywheel!! Odd, they lied in mild climate. Santa Monica, CA. She termed it the damnjag!! Pal,. John perturbed at both got rid of both. Bought new Plymouth!! Much later, another wife… John much happier…

Trivia. John and I met and visited a few time in Germany. he stationed in cologne, and i in Worms. Two wet Texas kids half way around the world from home. I fear that John has passed…

Carl, that’s so close to home for me. In 1965 my dad bought a 1961 Alfa Julieta Spider. Red. I remember him taking my older sister and I for a ride around the block the day he got it. It was summer time in Connecticut. Top down. I was three, sharing the passenger seat with my 5 year old sister. I was on the outside and couldn’t see above the door. But remenber the trees going by as we sped along. He loved that car. My mother hated it. They only had one car back then. He car pooled to work down the New Haven from Wallingford. She was left with the Alfa could never get to to start in the winter. I remember seeing her kicking it in the garage when it failed to heed her command to start. That car went away shortly after and was replace with a new grey Ford Falcon staion wagon with red interior and 3 on the tree. A year later my Dad got a new Plymouth Fury four door as a company car (he was in sales) and we were a two car family after that.

WRT the guy selling the XK120 replica, he already knows what’s wrong with the picture, talks about it and then pushes it as a selling point. The seats are wrong for the car! Sure, they are comfortable but they look ridiculous.

Te wheels look great on the car.
The seats too but maybe they are not aliened correctly?


But, unlike my pal, John, your dad kept your Mom !!!

Good story, though.

On a business trip, I stopped in Alamogordo to visit with another college chum Don was a real rocket scientist working at white Sands. he was immensely proud of their roadster. a Sunbeam Alpine. Very clean, las, it would not run ! Did not seem to bother Don or his lovely wife???