1954 Jaguar XK 120 with brake drums painted red

I have a 1954 XK 120 SE OTS - the brake drums are painted red. Car is Birch Grey. Every picture I’ve seen of the ‘54 Jag shows black brake drums. I’ve found one picture of a ‘57 with red drums. Has anyone seen this? I’m debating whether to strip and repaint them.

Thanks for any insight.


Red brake drums [ and other parts] area traditional performance improvement from the 50s. The car may have had a Saturday night competition history.

Taken one step further I have seen chrome plated brake drums as well, although scrutineers may not have allowed it.

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I have red spokes on my Old English White 140 FHC. Like lipstick on a pretty lady. I’d keep the red drums.

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I believe drums were always black on XKs as they came from the factory. After all, black is the best colour for shedding the heat - that’s why radiators are (or should be) black.

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