1954 XK120 with a Hemi!

Story time about my mis-spent youth. I had my first Jaguar experience at a tender age of 21 and it involved an XK120 drophead that had come to the States via an army man. It was white, and ran ok for a few months, then overheated and warped the head. I found a Jaguar hobbyist who was building one for racing, and he had all the skill and knowledge to fix my broken cat. Months went by, and it finally was roadworthy again. Drove it like it was meant to be driven; hard. Got beat in street races over and over again. I knew some people had already transplanted Chevies into these and even Astons, so the hunt was on. I decided on an early Chrysler Hemi and a manual transmission. Months later, together and running. So much torque! Was afraid for the rear axel, and would only race from a 20MPH roll. Great fun, and a little scary. OH, to have that car back, and to pull that monster engine and replace it with an iron bellied sis again.