1955 Mark VII rear shock help

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Brand new to the forum and brand new to the classic Jag world in general.
I purchased a rust bucket of a 1955 Mark VII M last year and have been slowly working on it. But I need some help.

The latest section was the rear end and getting that checked out since its probably been sitting in the same spot for the last 30 years. However, when I was disassembling everything, I came across something rather unsettling. When I was taking the rear shocks off of the leaf spring U-bolt plate, I noticed that the shock is only being secured by a cotter pin… Is that normal? There was no bolt, there wasnt even any threads suggesting that there was supposed to be a bolt.

So I just wondering if that was normal or if was some sort of weird hack job.

I appreciate any help.

Welcome to the forum Austin.
No knowledge of the MKV11 but in general NO that is not correct there should be some sort of positive attachment of the shock to spring/body.
People with a lot more knowledge will be along soon with photos or words to guide you.
Also it helps listers to know what part of the world you reside. You can attach a flag to your profile in the settings.

I took a couple photos to show off what im talking about. But i guess I can only post 1.

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Ok looking at that it may be that it is held on by a cotter pin as there shouldn’t be any sideways stress only up and down.

Does the shock look like this?

I have this manual that might be of interest to you?

It is mostly a vertical force. But it does seem a little flimsy. Especially for a car that is double bolted everywhere haha.

I have a Mark VII / XK120 manual but it doesnt mention anything about cotter pins in that area. The rear suspension section is super small.

But to answer your question, no it doesnt look like that. I have the tall shocks that go from the leaf springs all the way up to what appears to be the rear trunk deck. So they are roughly 2 feet long.

Welcome to the fun, Austin.
I had to look it up in the Spare Parts Catalogue, but you have the correct parts for a later Mark VII.
The picture in Robin’s manual is of the earlier type rear shock, called the Girling PV7, found on Mark VIIs up to chassis 717189 and 736871. You have the later Girling CDR 7/113NF telescopic.
And yes, that split cotter pin was all there was, with flat washers on each side of the shock.
The same cotter pin was on all Mark V and XK120 front shocks and anti-roll bars, and seems to be fine, although it is hard to get them in, you have to squeeze the rubber bushing with 2 channel lock pliers on the washers and put in the cotter pin with your third hand.
Ok I’m just being silly, some small C clamps also work.
BTW the British and Australians call it a split pin because a cotter pin means something different to them, and the Americans call it a cotter pin because they call the other kind a wedge pin. But British manufacturers of the thing called it a split cotter pin.
And you can post more than one photo, just click the up arrow again.

Thanks for the diagram and all the info. I wanted to confirm that it was normal. I contacted the guys over at XKs Unlimited but that guy is as useful as a box of rocks. They were the ones that told me that it sounded like a shady tree mechanic hack job. Then I sent him the photo of the leaf spring plate, where he then admitted to knowing nothing about Mark VIIs… They also sold my rear end mechanic the wrong length axle shaft.

But yea, it only let me post 1 photo since this is a new account. I attempted to post multiple photos and it yelled at me haha.


Well, you can trust this forum for answers, some of them even right. :wink:
Sounds like you should get the Spare Parts Catalogue and Service Manual on CD-ROM. Then you can search for parts by number and won’t get axle shafts for XK140s.

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You need to get the Jaguar Parts Catalogue for your MK VII M. It will help you solve hundreds of little mysteries like this, but not all the mysteries. :wink:


See I knew others would be along soon to help and correct mis information, however helpful it was meant to be :slight_smile:

Not a zing at you Robin, I assure you, just the general humor of these forums. :smile:

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I appreciate all the help. Im used to forums being like “FIGURE IT OUT ON YOUR OWN” “F&*KING GOOGLE IT” blah blah blah haha. So this is a nice change of pace. Ill have to figure out where to find this catalog/service manual.

Also do you guys have any sites that you recommend for parts?

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XKs Unlimited in Calif should have the CD, and a lot of the parts that are also used on the XK series. Moss just bought them out last year. Welsh Enterprises in Ohio is another that may have Mark VIIs to part out. Jaguar Heaven in Calif also parts out Mark VIIs.

Absolutely no offence taken or presumed Rob I’ve been here long enough to to know my limitations on most subjects, dosen’t stop me from making the odd booboo :slight_smile: :rofl:

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Well since my question has been answered. I figured Id post a photo of the project. Its been a long road already and i know i have a longer road ahead.

Just remember: for the progress of the project, there is NO SUCH THING as too many photos.