1957 XK150 coupe for sale, my Dad bought it new

Very early 1957 XK150 coupe project for sale: $20,000

VIN: S834064

Body: 064

Built May 23, 1957, the second day of production

My father worked for the US Embassy in Germany & Bagdad during the 1950s. In 1957, he and the family moved home to the US and he bought this car new as a kind of trophy. It was the only XK150 in Kansas City at the time. My father drove the Jag daily until '67, when he bought a new Buick Riviera. My older brother drove the Jag a few years but in '69 it was sold out of the family. It spent 47 years in Oklahoma and was taken apart there in the mid 1980s. Car is quite rusty in trunk area, but otherwise not badly weathered suggesting its been inside most of the past 50 years.

One year ago I found it and bought it back on a whim; however, I’m more focused on older Porsches and just don’t have time to pursue the Jaguar project.

Bring A Trailer shows two XK 150 coupes auctioning within the past 8 months for $69,000 and $79,000. I estimated $40,000 to rebuild the car with me helping out here & there for the reassembly. ($10k for chassis; $25K body & paint; $5k miscellaneous)

My Jags available for $20,000 including engine & trans install and all parts & documentation.


*I have some original correspondence from 1957 between my father and Jaguar.

*I have some original Kansas annual registration certificates from 1959 - 1963.

*I have some original B&W photos of the car & family in early sixties.

*I have traced history of all owners, and have talked with two of them.

*I have Jaguar Historical Certificate

2.)NEEDS: The Jag is a roller. Needs body lifted off frame and chassis rebuilt. Body needs new panels and rust repair in the trunk area. Front clip, doors, hood, trunk, glass all in good condition. Nice grill and tail light housings. Car body is straight, no crashes or hits. Has a rebuilt non-original engine, and overdrive four speed… Have several tubs of NOS & used parts. I have clear title in my name.

3.) I can arrange installation of engine and transmission for shipping purposes. Nothing connected; just these two major components bolted in for shipping. All other parts can be packed into the car.

4.) BODY: Good news is front clip is in very good condition with no signs of crash or hits. Doors also appear rust free. Roof is very straight. Aluminum hood and trunk lid also very straight. Trunk is attached. Hood is not. Bad news: trunk area needs total rebuild. No new parts included, but they are available for reasonable money. Rear interior quarters ( wings) need patches or replaced. New ones are available. Passenger side “B pillar” and sill has been replaced with repo parts by previous owner. Drivers sides needs same and the repo parts are included. Car comes with new repo plywood floor panels.

5.) INTERIOR - amazingly, the red dash is in pretty good original condition. I bought a pair of newly recovered seats and they’re like new ! The red door panels are useable. No headliner, but the bows & insulation still intact. The rear seats and rear interior trim panels are might clean up to “useable” status, but certainly good for patterns. The red trim pieces that go under the dash are present, but good only for patterns.

6.) CHROME - most of it is in quite good condition and useable as is. I did have the chrome strip down the middle of the hood re-chromed. Grill is very good condition.

7.) BUMPERs front & rear are missing, though the brackets and two over-riders are present.

8.) ENGINE: KG1693-8 – www.Jag-Lovers.org says its a Mark II engine. The seller told me it had been rebuilt. It was still attached to builders shipping pallet when it came to me. Engine is spotless, no dirt or crime. I used a video scope down the spark plug holes, and the piston tops and combustion chambers have ZERO carbon. Pistons are oversized.

9.) TRANSMISSIONs: 2DA15590 ? – JagLovers tells me this codes as a 1959 four speed overdrive. It is clean not greasy.

10.) NEW PARTS: - I don’t have list but there are NOS Jaguar, Girling, Lockheed, Lucas, Quniton and Moss Motors boxes. NEW master cylinder, caliper kits, brake pads, heater hoses, suspension bushings, New motor mounts. Ignition. Lots of gaskets. 4 new shock absorbers.

11.) USED PARTS: starter was rebuilt recently; intake manifold has been cleaned; generator w/ bracket; intake manifold can & aluminum piece; four calipers; radio, fan, radiator, gas tank, filler neck, much, much more.

12.) white wall tires are in very good condition.

I have the original jack and one small tool, but no other tools.

**Call if interested. Email me for full photo set.

Chris Steineger

Kansas City, KS



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