1960 Mk2 tool kit/foam liner

(john schwamm) #1

I have a complete tool kit for my 1960 Mk2, but foam liner to hold tools in place is missing.
Can anyone advise what type of foam/color was used?
My lining is green.

(Robin O'Connor) #2

I don’t relive foam was used in the tool kit at that time, my ‘S’ has a green felt from memory probably backed by a plywood former.

(John Quilter) #3

Going by my 3.S the only foam is on the underside of the lid. It is discolored from age but looks to have been yellowish cream in color. The lower part of the tool kit container is likely wood as stated above and it is flocked black.

(john schwamm) #4

Thank you. Can you advise approx. thickness of the foam?
Mine is missing, can see where they have put the adhesive on the inside of the lid. Just trying to find the right thickness foam.

(John Quilter) #5

I’m guessing about 3/16 of an inch but mine is a bit squashed down but not disintegrating! after 54 years. Here is a photo.

John F. Quilter
Eugene, Oregon USA

(john schwamm) #6

Thanks, that is perfect. I can find some thin foam for that.
Appreciate the picture. Just ordered a few missing tools to complete my kit, tools I have are like new, never used.