1963 Mk2 what is the veneer wood used for the edging

Hello - for a 1963 MK2, what is the veneer wood I should buy for the edging pieces. I have seen mentions of ash and elm and sapwood, but which is recommended for the 1963 MK2. Thank you.

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I found this in the archives. Hope it helps. The search was “matching veneer” . There were over 50 other threads. A lot of info.

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Nov '09

In reply to a message from jhealey1967 sent Mon 9 Nov 2009:

I sent one of my small trim piecs around the ac vents to Madera
concepts in Obiscapo california,they matched it perfect a new
skislope piece that is.I had elm burl in my car and the new piece
was 235.00 three yars ago.I can tell you of of two more places
British autowood.com and Myrtle ltd jaguar wood.I would not buy
wood for a jag from anyone other than one of these company’s that
make and refinish specifically for these cars.Good luck–
The original message included these comments:

I just finished converting my '86 XJS coupe to a Toyota 5
‘‘ski slope’’/center shifter console, which had to be modified a
bit. What would be a good match (grain and color) for the

I’d call Madera. They did my MKII - burled walnut for the main wood, but I don’t recall exactly what trim they used.

Madera Concepts 55 B Depot Rd, Goleta CA 93117 805-962-1579

They have lots of photos to reference:
Madera Concepts - Jaguars

Thank you. I appreciate your help. A lot to soak in.

Thanks Killer58 - We’ll check them out.

Thank you Bill. A lot of info - but it all helps.