1966 Jaguar w/V8 "in place" - AZ

Faaaar from a purist, but…I bet this just ruins the way the car drives.


But it’s poiple!! You gotta get it!

I am sure you mean the color !!

Surely not the engine. Same or very similar to the one in mine… GM LT1.


Greetings All,

Selling this without the engine even running or being hooked up is a deal breaker.

Pity, they didn’t keep the interior in correct colors, they might have made some money on someone who would have wanted to go back to original.

There is so much that is in question with regards to that V8 and installation outcome.

Normally, I’d say the seller was trying to sell the sizzle on a steak, but this like selling the sizzle on a steak that has been in some unknown marinade for the last 48 hours.

A real longshot, NO!