1967 Jaguar 420 NOW PARTING OUT, tell me your needs

Hello, sorry but I did not see them. I do still have them I checked and they will fit into a medium flat rate box so shipping will be $20.00. Please let me know if still interested and include a shipping address, Thank You, Jim. I spent June and July dismantling this car, now i am spending Aug. and September building a new shed to house a lot of what I have available… MK VII, MK I, 3.8s - 420, S.1&2 XJ6 and LOTS OF E-Type.

Looking for the wing grilles (expecting arrival of car next week, so more requests to follow)

Also, that rear bumper looks fetching if you still have

I still have the wing grills, the rear bumper I will be polishing out soon, just got a new tube of Flitz chrome polish. Here are a few pics of other items that you might want, most parts will be available, few things I am keeping for my other 420.

If you are in need of a complete tool kit and Book set I have that available as well, Thank You for your interest, Jim.

James, sent you a pm about the arm rests.

Excellent- definitely want the wing grilles, If you dont mind hanging on to those until next week I will have the car and maybe a shopping list.

I am in Socal btw.

Also, long time member of this forum and the other, but for some reason my login doesn’t reflect dsnyder586. Much experience with x300-x351, but NON with pr 90s. Looking forward to restoring it.

Definitely need the rear window trim too.

I’ll hang on to the parts that you are interested in, when you get the car home let me know what else you’ll need. Because I have been doing too many other things this summer I have not been listing, now that our weather is changing I will not be outside as much. This will give me more time to sort thru and start listing again, WAY TOO Much still here, Jim.

i could do with the plastic trim that goes in the middle of the steering wheel, round the horn push, and the 2 nacelles (or whatever they are called) that fit on the steering column below the wheel, that the gear lever and the indicator stalk go through IF they are the same as a Daimler V8-250

If they are really good, no scratches or cracks (they are inclined to crack as they are very brittle) once you give me a price I can check if they are the same and you could ship them to my friend in Seattle.

What is the condition of seats and wood?

Robert, The lower plastic cover is in pieces, I do have a couple of the upper sections with the gear indicators ( 2 different styles ). The steering wheel I prefer to sell as a unit $100.00 with out the turn signal lever $125.00 with it.

Please let me know if interested, Thank You, Jim

Dan, The seats are real nice and that was the main reason I purchased the car, I have another 420 with seats that need to be redone if you need a set, I will be putting the nice set in their place. The pictures that I have posted show the woodwork pretty well. Here are a few more, yes the finish needs to be redone, I really prefer to sell as a complete set.

Please let me know if you have any interest, Thank You, Jim.

Tex, As I was looking thru more boxes of unseen parts for years I came across this tape player. Since you were interested in the other 1, I thought I send you a picture.

Brand New in the Box Pioneer Super Tuner, also comes with a Scosche Mounting Kit for 1974 Ford, Chrysler, AND JEEP Vehicles, Please let me know if interested, IF NOT I’ll take a best offer from anyone else, Thank You, Jim.

Thanks James

I think I’ll leave it. I’m not desperate (a bit of glue and some supporting fabric behind is doing the trick for now) and there’s the added complication of getting them from the States. Although we are due to meet up with our friends next spring.

Thanks anyway :slightly_smiling_face:

Sent you a private message to get the ball rolling

Looks similiar to what the PO put in my car (which does not work at the moment) so I will keep this in mind - but I will keep looking also for the 8-track unit - thanks, Tex.

I am still looking for an inoperative underdash 8 track for the Jeepster!

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Excuse me if you previously stated, but why inop? Would an operable unit do? General price range (all in, including shipping)?

If I could find a reasonably -priced operative one, that would be fine: main reason for an inoperative one is just sort of the visuals of it in a 1969 vehicle!

Paul, Sorry but I do not have any 8 track players or tapes, lot of cassette tapes I still listen to my, 1993 F-250 still has the original player in it.

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