1969 Series 2 FHC - Rear view mirror

The rear view mirror in my car is decidedly not original or even a Jaguar product. I have hit my head on it for the last time today and removed it (it was glued to the glass and said Made in USA on it).

I want to install something original and not all plastic. Can any of you with S2 FHC’s show me pictures of your rear view mirrors? I’d love to install the S1 version that mounts with three screws on the headliner, but I can’t feel any captive nuts, so I’m not certain I could mount it.

Any information will be appreciated.

Moss Motors carries a complete line of mirrors.


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In case it helps here is the mirror page in my XK’s Unlimited paper E-type catalog perhaps for some choices. My original and probably yours too is grey plastic (number 2 in the photos) and I think a bit cheesy but I like it ok. I have not been able to tell if mounting holes for a Series 1 type mirror still exist under the headliner on my Feb 1968 car. That stupid ice storm last week made me forget all about my car’s 53rd birthday on the 19th until now.

68 E-type FHC

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The nuts are there. The Series 2 cars had them as the Euro cars used the bolt on mirror. US required a special break away mirror. My 1971 FHC race car has them. I installed a later XJ6 mirror using them.

Thread jack- I notice that the photo from the catalog above says that the original Series 1 OTS mirror was used through 12/67, but the JCNA Series 1.5 Originality guide states that ALL series 1.5 cars had the Winguard mirror. I had a polite argument with George Camp several years ago and he sticks by the JCNA guide. My car (Oct '67 build) came with the Series 1 mirror, and almost every early Series 1.5 on XKE Data has it as well. I’m sticking with the Series 1 mirror, damn the JCNA guide! :scream:


Thanks, I found that too. It appears that “stock” for my car is #2 but I’m hopeful that I can use #4

That is good news. The question is, how did you locate them? There is a headliner section that is raised up from the headliner and above the windshield. A local friend just installed his (pic below) but apparently his 69 FHC already had the hole visible and he was just replacing his fogged mirror and corroded chrome.

I’ve had this mirror laying around for about 25 years. I took it off of the 2+2 when I replaced it with a windscreen mounted mirror. Is it an original mirror or aftermarket?

The triangular mount reads, TEX UK, PAT 1224875.

The back of t he mirror reads MAGNATEX, PAT No. 1227736 and


There’s probably only the woollen headliner material and a thin layer of foam covering that so how about locating the holes with a needle and when you’re satisfied you’ve found the three positions, then try inserting a screw. Probably 8 or 10-32.

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If the holes/nuts are still there on the Series 2 FHC wonder if you could just stab a very thin needle thru the wool in that area to find them and then use the triangle mount piece as your guide when it comes time to install the screws thru the wool ?

68 E-type FHC

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This was in my race car coupe

Race cars have no headliner, carpet, door panels or other items that add weight and serve no racing purpose. No handbrake or spare tire. Screws in roof were plainly visable. without any headliner in place. You can see the mirror in the picture. Don’t use a screw any longer than necessary as you don’t want to poke the roof panel.

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Begged my wife for a long sewing needle, local friend gave me a measurement over from the sun visor screws and I found the hole for the rear view mirror nut on the first try. A few more pokes and I located all three hole/nuts.

My 68 S1.5 FHC has the stock plastic glass-mount mirror and I have been trying to install an aftermarket S1 type mirror without success.

I found the three mounting holes under the headliner by using pins (as illustrated) but they don’t appear to be threaded or have captive nuts that I can feel or that will take the screws that came with my S1 mirror. I tried slipping a small metal mounting plate that I had made with the correct threaded holes behind the metal of the cantrail (between the cantrail and the roof from the top) and was able to secure the mirror (screws going through the holes in the mirror base and the unthreaded ones in the cantrail into the threaded plate) , but it vibrated when driving due to the flex of the metal cantrail and I couldn’t see anything.

I was hoping the threaded captive nuts which are supposed to receive the mounting screws were attached to the actual roof panel, but I have not been able to find them there searching blind and haven’t wanted to remove the headliner for a better look.

Its possible that the screws which came with my aftermarket mirror (from one of the usuals) are too small for the holes in the cantrail and this is preventing me from finding the threads. Any idea what size they should be?

Any suggestions from others who have mounted the S1 mirror in an S1.5 or S2 welcome.

I just ordered these from SNG but they haven’t arrived yet for me to tell you if they are the correct size, although they are what is called for.

Wow Mr. Maury, that is one bad As… looking machine.
Is that your SCCA winner?
Michael Caro

Yes, that is it. Although it has been run in some SCCA events, I built it to compete in the JCNA slalom events. It still holds the record around the track at 37.71 seconds. The car has moved on and is residing in Florida and still competing in the JCNA slalom events.

My 1968 series 1.5 2+2 has the stick on mirror.

Les- I was referring specifically to the OTS mirror mounted on the center windshield rod. I thought that the coupes and 2+2s all had the mirror mounted on the roof? Is your original or a repro?
From XKE Data (both are Series 1.5 2+2s):

But then the Series 1.5 judging guide has this as standard for all Series 1.5 cars even thought the photo shows a coupe/2+2:

Then to completely confuse things, the mirror on the “Most original Series 1.5” that was displayed on the Queen Mary until recently and now is in Coventry has yet a different mirror attached to the center rod that I’ve never seen anywhere else:



The Series 1.5 IPL lists part C28516 for the OTS (which looks like the one in the Judging guide) but I’ve never found one on an early Series 1.5 OTS (XKE Data etc.). I know these cars are over 50 years old and have most likely been modified, but would all the early Series 1.5 owners convert the rear view mirror to the Series 1 style? And I’d really like to know what mirror that is on the Queen Mary/Coventry car.
Therein lies my confusion. :face_with_monocle:

The plastic mirror attached to the glued-on boss is what was and is on my '69 2+2. It’s an original piece of junk. The plastic softens on hot days, allowing the glass to fall out. The day/night feature is implemented with a fragile plastic shuttle which is easily broken. After two pricey replacements, I finally took the expedient course and mounted the mirror in the case with a dollop of construction adhesive. No more day/night feature, but at least the glass doesn’t pop out.

I would expect that the “Series 1.5”, as in so many things, had a progression of mirrors.