1970 xj6 wiper motor

I’m a new member to your forum.Finding out how
much information there is here.This 70 xj6 was handed over to me as somewhat of a basket case.The car has a early 350 Chevy motor with 350 transmission and has been passed around to several people to work on it for the owner.After a year and a half of working on it I’m turning it around to drivable condition.The wiper motor worked a time or two when testing the on /off switch.Now,not working at all.Is there a way to check the motor from the wires( red,yellow,blue) coming out of the motor itself? Ground wire cleaned up and has continuity.Working from motor back to switch.Want to see if motor is good before troubleshooting wiring and relays.Thanks for any advice on this subject. John

there is a way, but I cant remember how…do you have the Factory Service Manual?

others hopefully chip in on the exact procedure

in the past, I have found that the motor may need to be removed, the brushes and armature cleaned


an almost 50-year-old car, already treated to an engine conversion, may have been subjected to all sorts of modifications making it hard to troubleshoot even looking into the engine bay, and even harder to advise from the distance.

Tony’s approach would make most sense to me as well: check what you find in your basket in the first place. There is a parts catalogue at https://parts.jaguarlandroverclassic.com/older-vehicle-information (scroll down to the tile XJ6 Ser I). You can compare whether your setup is stock or custom. For stock setup there is a Repair Operation Manual that is fairly detailed and contains instructions for removal, dismantling and repair of the wiper motor.

An old friend left me his notes after he sold his SI car and they include a wiring scheme of the wiper switch:
spade top left horizontal pin 8: brown/light green
spade top right vertical pin 7: light green +
spade right second from top horizontal pin 5: white/light green + to end contact
spade right third from top vertical pin 3: black -
spade bottom horizontal pin 1: white/light green
spade left second from top vertical pin 6: red/light green
spade left third from top horizontal pin 4: light green
spade left fourth from top vertical pin 2: blue/light green.

Now I also find his faded wiring pattern for SI cars and it confirms his notes. Power is supplied from fuse #3 through the light green wire to the switch pins 4, 7. From there pin 8 brown/light green goes out, at some time loses the light green and ends at the wiper motor in brown. Similarly pin 6 red/light green leads to the motor in red, pin 5 white/light green ends in white, pin 3 black, pin 2 blue go to the motor.

Usually, these motors don’t fail completely, but only either the slow speed or the high speed. Chances are you have a wiring/contacts problem or a faulty stalk switch.

Good luck


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

Thank you for the info you provided here.This gives me another starting point.I’m a classic Ford and Chevy guy and this one has thrown in a few curves.With the help from guys like you I’ll get thru it.

Hi John,

I recommend also downloading Kirby Palm’s “XJS Book”. XJ and XJS have much in common, so this is a valuable reference for XJ along side the factory manuals.

KP covers 3 different XJS wiper systems - I found that my 1970 XJ6 has the “Lucas Reverse-park” version.

You can access this pdf doc by finding a post by Kirbert in the XJ-S forum and following the link under his profile.


Thank you Simon for the info.I will follow up on this.This car also has the Lucas Reverse park setup.Thanks again. John