1971 xj6 Chevy 350 TPI conversion wiring diagram

Hey my jaguar family doesn’t anyone here has a wiring diagram for the Chevy TPI wiring hardness? I ran into a few wires that I can’t figure out yet. I could use some help! It’s a 1971 xj6 and the Chevy motor is a 1990 350 5.7 tpi.
Any help would be greatly appreciated


  1. Who knows what the PO did when he made the swap/

  2. As to the Jaguar wires, Goog;le for a Haynes manual They have ond dedicated to old jaguars!! Edited to include newer ones. Best fr the older omes, like yor car.

  3. What spcfic issue do you have? What is failing to work as one might expect?

My car is lumped with an LT1. A generation newer. My car is an 83. Similar but only to an extent.\

I used a genric relay for the start circuyit. but, it includes two diodes. i have never figured out why but, i do know that they are needed.

My mose is driviong me nuts. ordered a new oe. Nw, i think I also need a pad for it. Amazon, here I come11

Hey Montoya start by realizing this is not a 71 but at least a 79 and then google the s57 wiring guide, bs-au7 colour code and do yourself a favor and rip out everything not factory before you begin a clean wiring job.

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Ok, thanks!! Why a 79? Sounds like you know what you’re talking about, can I get more info please

I he ave 2 jags one is a 71 the other one is newer
The newer one is what I’m using for parts

Well the one in your photos is a series 3 based on the grille between the wipers, the electrics and the brake master. A 71 would look way different so if the V8 stays in the pictured car… it’s not a 71.

The vin of a 71 would be 1L5xxxx, the vin of a S3 is SAJ……
Look in the middle of the firewall where the struts were mounted, right between the wipers, for confirmation.

If the engine doesn’t stay in the pictured car you should make a dedicated and nice looking loom in the 71 before dropping in the engine. I think that’s easier?

The red one is an 85’ the gray one is a 71, the engine is going into the 71. I think I forgot to post picture la of the 71.
I apologize.
Here it is