1972 xj6 petrol tank passenger side

(sawyer10702) #1

I’m looking for a tank but the prices.are up there cheapest i have found is around 400 us dollars anyone know of anyplace. Mine is toast the drain plug came.out with part of the tank. What year can replace this with will 83 work? Any info and help cheers

(Frank Andersen) #2

Just use ‘left’ or ‘right’ tank as appropriate when searching internationally, Sawyer - ‘passenger side’ may confuse…:slight_smile:

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

(sawyer10702) #3

Frank forgot about that detail…thanks for the less confusion note. :earth_americas::wink:

(Paul M. Novak) #4

I can’t help with the details and challenges of using a Series III fuel tank in a Series I car. However, the Jaguar part numbers for the right side fuel tank in a Series I XJ6 are C37985 superseded by C40190.

I just searched eBay and the Internet for those part numbers and it looks like you have some options under $400 US.



I have a series 1 tank I can sell. I put S3 tanks in for fuel injection. They went right in. I suspect you could just plug the return port on the s3 and use it for a carb’d application

(Roger Mabry) #6

The filler caps are different from S1 to S3…necks are different lengths. Plus the fuel senders on later tanks go in from the rear behind the tail light and are different. Plus the plumbing of the hoses that are different sizes makes more work.

S2 tanks fit properly… any of the tanks will “fit” from one model to another…

(David Jauch) #7

Longer neck for the catalyst cars, or all?
ebay Germany lists a lot of used SI, II tanks at $220 or below. Still expensive considering they are not new.

(sawyer10702) #8

Paul thanks i guess I will have to sink 400 into a tank.

(sawyer10702) #9

Jay where do you live on that patrol tank pm me on the price but shipping might brake the deal. Cheers

(sawyer10702) #10

Roger great info. So your saying series 2 will work? No fabricating?

(Paul M. Novak) #11

According to my Jaguar Series II XJ6 Parts Catalogue the part number for the US market right side fuel tank is C45515/1. For the Series II cars not sold in the USA, Australia, Canada, or Japan the part number is C37985, the same as the Series I right tank.

I have no experience with using a Series II fuel tank in a Series I XJ6 but I hope this helps.


(Roger Mabry) #12

SII tank will fit, the filler caps will work. I do not remember where the SII fuel sender is located?
Could be from the rear like a S3 or not? If you check the Spectra fuel tanks online or in a parts catalog you can see where the sender is located.